Get the right gift this year with our comprehensive holiday gift guides. From the outdoorsy uncle to stocking stuffers for the whole family, aim to impress with our top gifts of 2018 for everyone on your list. Use the categories below to find the perfect gift this holiday season.

Outdoor Gifts

Give the gift of adventure to the outdoor-enthusiast on your list. We’ve got gifts for you and all your adventure-ready pals, whether your next trip involves mountain biking, SCUBA diving or a nice leisurely day hike. Check out some of the best gear from 2018 that’s perfect for hitting the great outdoors

The 14 Best Gifts for Trail Runners

Over the river and through the woods, these gifts for runners will go the distance.

The 15 Best Gifts for Snowboarders

If you need to find the perfect gift for the snowboarder on your list, look no further. We’ve found some of the most innovative products in snowboarding for 2018 and beyond.

The 17 Best Gifts for Campers

These camping gifts are sure to please the outdoor lover in your life. If you can’t get them the great outdoors, these will have to do.

The 17 Best Gifts for Skiers

When looking for a gift for a ski buddy, this list includes one of the year’s best new skis, the ultimate baselayer for on-mountain warmth, tasty snacks for the chairlift and more.

Best Gifts for the Weekend Warrior

Weekend warriors don’t mess around. Neither should their gear. Take a look at our roundup of the best and most reliable stuff out there for those who live for the end of the week.

The Best Gifts for the Urban Outdoorsman

You don’t have to live out in the boonies in order to appreciate great outdoor gear. For those city-dwelling hikers in your life, check out our roundup of the best gifts for the urban outdoorsman.

The Best Gifts for SCUBA Divers

Anything as specialized as shopping for SCUBA divers can be difficult. Thankfully for you, we’ve put together a gift guide just on the subject.

The Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Whether you’re a gravity-focused rider or live for the climbs, this list of mountain biker gifts has something for everyone.

The Best Gifts for the Waterman

Whether your sport of choice is fishing, surfing or swimming, there’s a water-inspired gift for you.

The Best Gifts for Hikers

If you are looking for handmade hiking shoes, backpacks and trail food that actually tastes good, these hiker gifts are for you.

The Best Gifts for Adventurers

The holidays are nearly here, and Huckberry has all the best gifts for your favorite adventurer.

The Best Gifts for Cyclists

Lotion for faster muscle recovery, a refined waterbottle cage, the safest helmet available are just some of the things you can get for the cyclist in your life this holiday season.

Best Tech & Audio Gifts

Know someone who can’t live without their favorite pieces of tech? Of course you do, it’s 2018. Whether they’re in need of true-wireless earbuds, the best portable power banks available or just an upgraded home speaker, you’ll find a recommendation here that does the trick.

The Best Gifts for Music Lovers

Whether it’s a comfortable pair of headphones or a full desktop system, or even a desktop accessory, these gifts are perfect for the music lover in your family.

The 13 Best Gifts for Guys Just Getting Into Vinyl

These are the best gift ideas for anybody just getting into vinyl or wanting to add to their entry-level setup.

The Best Home Speakers to Gift

From the smart speaker that can control your lights to the portable speakers that can join you out at the pool, these home speaker gifts will give you ideas for any family or friend looking to up their music game.

Gifts for the On-The-Go Creative

Shopping for a photographer, videographer or musician? We’ve got you covered. These are the best gift for the on-the-go creative professional.

The Best Smart Home Gadgets for the New Homeowner

From smart lights to smart thermostats, smart cameras and smart speakers – these are the smart home gadgets that make the best gifts for the new homeowner.

The Best Gifts for the Techie

Having a hard time finding gifts for the techie in your life? We’ve rounded up the latest and greatest tech, from speakers to computers to cameras, as well as the accessories that work with them all.

Best Health & Fitness Gifts

We all have at least one friend who practically lives at the gym, or who has a separate saving account for all those steep marathon entry fees. Whether you count yourself among their ranks or are trying desperately to get them something that’ll make their workouts that much better, you’ll find something great in our gifts for athletes, gadgets for your running partner, or just gear for the gym lover.

The Best Fitness Gifts for Men

Having a hard time finding great fitness gifts for men? We’ve pulled together some great picks ranging from kettlebells to jump ropes.

The Best True Wireless Earbuds to Gift

AirPods might be the most well-known true wireless earbuds, but if they don’t fit in your ears then there are plenty of other options.

The 10 Best Gadgets to Give Your Running Partner

We’ve rounded up the must-have running gadgets for all runners, whether they’re just trying to set a PR or training for a full-on marathon.

The Best Gifts for Gym Lovers

When it comes to shopping for your favorite gym rat, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the different gear out there. Thankfully for you, dear reader, we’ve found the best gifts for gym lovers and compiled them all here to make holiday shopping a bit easier.

The Best Gifts for Athletes

Whether you’re elite or training for that level, our list of the best gifts for athletes is sure to hold some great gifts for this holiday season.

Best Home, Food & Drink Gifts

Because nothing says “happy holidays” quite like a well-designed item that makes your life at home a bit better. And that could be anything from better whiskey to upgraded cooking tools to whatever the family dog loves the most (after all, it’s their house too).

The 15 Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

This guide to the best gifts for the dog lover aims to improve the lives of both dog and parent. Call it a win-win.

The 15 Best Gifts for All the Beer Lovers in Your Life

So you need a gift and your drinking buddy loves beer? You’re in luck — there’s plenty of great gear to accent their favorite brews.

The 15 Best Food Gifts You Can Buy in 2018

The best food gifts for the chef in your life include more than pots and pans.

The 18 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

If you’re gifting to a coffee lover, you’re in luck — there’s perhaps no hobby that requires more awesome gear.

The 9 Best Bottles of Whiskey to Gift This Year

Though a popular at this time of year, gifting whiskey actually runs the risk of being thoughtless. These picks are anything but.

The 12 Best Gilling Gifts of 2018

The best grilling gifts don’t have to connect to the nearest smart device. They just solve problems and make grilling easier.

Best Style & Grooming Gifts

Maybe they would’ve bought it for themselves, anyway, but you can spare the stylish men in your life the pain of wintertime shopping in a department store by browsing through any of these lists. Whether it’s for the man who has everything, the most stylish guy you know or even the entrepreneur in your life you’ll surely come across something worth gifting here.

The 16 Best Men’s Grooming Gifts That’ll Improve His Morning

If you’re shopping for someone who likes to spend a little extra time grooming himself for the day, we’ve got you covered.

16 Awesome Gifts for Guys Who Have Everything

Looking for a holiday gift for a guy who’s hard to shop for? We’ve got you covered.

Gifts for Stylish Men

From can’t-miss accessories to handy clothing-care tools and luxurious staples, these gifts for stylish men show you’re as invested in his look as he is.

The Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs

The best gifts for entrepreneurs are the kinds of things that help him move his business forward.

The Best Gifts for Business Travelers

Those always on the move deserve a great year-end gift as much as the rest of us. That’s why we pulled together a list of gifts for business travelers. Whether it’s a watch, a new wallet or a briefcase you’re looking for – we have it all here.

The 13 Best Men’s Style Books

From patching denim to understanding streetwear, this baker’s dozen of men’s style books deserves serious real estate on the well-dressed man’s shelf.

Best Watch Gifts

The world of watches is surprisingly varied. There are timepieces designed specifically to be durable, while others are more suited to show up to the office or simply show off. If you’re set on picking something that ticks and tocks this holiday season, you’ll be well served to look through our lists of the best watches to gift for every category.

15 Durable Watches that Make Great Gifts

Some guys just need a watch they can beat the hell out of, but that doesn’t mean it needs be cheap. Here are 15 of the best durable watches to gift holiday season.

The 15 Best Inexpensive Mechanical Watches of 2018

A great watch doesn’t have to break the bank — here are 15 of the best inexpensive mechanical watches, from field watches to divers to dress watches.

These Are the 14 Best Travel Watches for the Holidays

This holiday season we’ve curated some of the best travel watches ranging from GMTs to 12-hour bezels and digital travel watches. Whatever your budget, we have timepieces ranging from the ultra-cheap to the ultra-premium.

The 15 Best Luxury Watches of 2018

We picked 15 of our favorite first luxury watches with the help of StockX, a leader in the world of pre-owned timepieces.

The 15 Best Watches for Office Wear in 2018

Finding the right watch to wear to the office can be difficult, but only because you’re spoiled for choice. Here are 15 of the best options.

The 15 Most Over-The-Top Watches of 2018

An outsized personality calls for an outsized timepiece — here are 15 of the most over-the-top watches for those who demand nothing but the finest.

Best Car & Motorcycle Gifts

Unless you’re shooting a car commercial, the likelihood of that you’ll be giving a new car with a bow on it this holiday season is low. Thankfully, there are plenty of things to give the motorcycle and car lovers in your life. Whether they’re an at-home mechanic, motorcycle rider, road trip lover or just a car guy – you’ll find lots to choose from in our collection of guides below.

The Best Gifts for the Commuter

Finding a gift for a commuter is incredibly straightforward — it just has to make the daily back and forth a little less hellish.

The Best Gifts For Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle riders are a different breed and the gear they need goes above and beyond the usual and mundane.

The Best Gift Ideas for Car Guys

Buying a gift for a car guy doesn’t have to be as daunting as getting caught in a conversation about the differences between horsepower and torque.

Road Trip Gifts: For Those Who Love the Open Road

We all know someone who loves the open road. Give them the tools they need to make their next road trip the best one yet.

The Best Gifts for the At-Home Mechanic

Anything that makes life and work easier for the at-home mechanic is a surefire holiday-gift win.

The Best Family Gifts

What are the holidays really, if not a celebration of family. But sometimes, those you know the best are the hardest to shop for. To help, we wrote a series of gift guides for kids, dudes, the woman in your life and even the crafty DIY Dad. Whatever the budget whatever the taste, we’re positive you’ll find something here.

The Best Gifts for the Dudes in Your Family

Searching for the best gifts for the dudes in your life? We have a slew of gift and present ideas for the brother, uncle, father or other male members of your family, selected by Gear Patrol experts.

The Best Gifts for Kids

While this guide is primarily made up of gifts specifically for kids, some of these are for parents, too — which also makes this a great guide for the new parent in your life.

The Best Gifts for Her

The best gifts aren’t the ones your better half asks you to buy. But, hey, it’s almost December and there are only so many hours in the day. To help out, we pulled together a list of the best gifts for her.

The 17 Best Gifts for DIY Dads

Contrary to popular belief, DIY-ers could use more than a few new power drills year in, year out. So to help you on your search, we’ve whipped up a list of the best gifts for DIY dads.

The Best Stocking Stuffers for Everyone You Know

Stocking stuffers are a kind of weird tradition when you think about it. Of all the things in the world where you’re going to put gifts, a majority of Americans decided at one point that it’d be a big, festive sock. But we aren’t here to judge, though, just to recommend what to stuff in there. Whether it be something for the techie, fitness freak, or aspiring chef – we’ve got all the affordable and fun picks you could hope for below.

15 Stocking Stuffers Stylish Guys Will Love

From a kit that’ll keep his sneakers clean to a few things that will help winterize his suit, these are the best stocking stuffers for the stylish guy in your life.

Best Stocking Stuffers for Watch Enthusiasts

While a watch itself can be expensive, half the fun is in the accessories, many of which can make great, inexpensive gifts. To help you track some down, we’ve pulled together a list of the best stocking stuffers for watch enthusiasts.

Stocking Stuffer IDeas for the Fitness Junkie

Hand grips, proper face wash, water bottles, massage tools and more made it onto our list of the best stocking stuffers for the fitness junkie.

The Best Stocking Stuffers For Car Lovers

Great gifts $50 and under can still strike a chord with the motoring enthusiast in your life. Just check this list of the best stocking stuffers for car lovers and see for yourself.

14 Affordable Stocking Stuffers for the Outdoorsy Guy

A trusty Leatherman sidekick, dry bags for your gear, a light that never dies and more made it onto our list of affordable stocking stuffers for the outdoorsy guy.

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