When Dale Stewart, the bass player for the South African heavy rock band Seether commissioned the creative geniuses at Classic Car Studio to build a hot rod, a metallic car was an obvious choice. However, something that didn’t make sense was the fact the studio choose the 1931 model A sedan from Ford.

Generally speaking, when people talk about classic Ford hot rods, they mean the 1932 models. Classic Car Studio doesn’t have a flawless reputation without good reason though.

The beast that gave birth to puts any worries to rest with the roof chop of 5-inches and a 3-inch job on the channel. Its roof was tailor-made and finished with zebra wood. Instead of a slick and glossy finish, they choose a more distressed look using aircraft rivets in brass to complete it.

The car’s flooring, firewall, transmission tunnel, door paneling, dashboard, seats and chassis were all bespoke pieces. Along the way, numerous updates were required, to the grill shell, front axle, steering column, shocks and suspension.

All of these upgrades were necessary, mainly due to the fact they were adding a Hemi V8 331-cubic inch engine capable of 500-hp and a TCi 700R4 transmission box. Along with the Weiand blower, 600-cfm Holley carburetors and a Hot Heads camshaft.

This is truly a work of geniuses!

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