A pair of sunglasses not only protects your eyes, it has the power to instantly elevate your style. While there are countless modern options to choose from, there are numerous vintage styles available on secondhand sites that offer a certain something that contemporary frames lack. If you’re into iconic style, attention to detail or rarity, consider scouring eBay for a pair of NOS shades before opting for a newer style. To give you an idea of what’s out there, here are five pairs of vintage shades we’d buy now.

Faosa Sunglasses

Made in Mexico, the chunky angular style of Faosa frames became synonymous with people like Ray Orbison and Buddy Holly. This pair from the ’50s has non-prescription yellow lenses, seven-barrel hinges and very light wear throughout.

Serengeti Strata by Corning Optics

These ‘80s sunglasses feature incredible lenses from Corning Optics. They are polarized, photochromic spectral control lenses, meaning they’re essentially the height of sunglasses technology. What’s more, the frame has a matte black anti-reflective coating that resists chipping and wear.

B&L Ray-Ban Outdoorsman

These aviator-style sunglasses feature 62mm Ambermatic lenses. The frame dates to the mid-‘70s and shows very little wear for the age with a clean brow bar and nose-pads.

Persol Ratti 69202/52

This pair of Persols from the ‘80s still has the brand’s sticker on the left lens. The substantial tortoise-colored acetate frame features iconic hinge inlays and seven-barrel hinges.

B&L Ray-Ban Wayfarers

It doesn’t get much more iconic than a pair of pre-Luxottica Wayfarers. This black pair is in relatively clean vintage condition and includes durable seven-barrel hinges.

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