Not all essential oils are created equally. Many, especially lower cost ones, feature a laundry list of ingredients — you could call them fillers — that are added in to reduce manufacturing costs. While they’re cheaper, sure, you need more to get the same effect. In other words, you’re getting less diffuse time for your money.

The oils on this list, however, do not harbor fillers. These small but mighty concentrated bottles of oil require only a few drops in a diffuser to create a huge impact. Use drops sparingly and a single bottle can easily stretch over a couple months.

Plant Therapy Chamomile Oil

Plant Therapy isn’t worried about branding, image or your perception of the company. It’s worried about delivering 100 percent pure bottle of essential oil sans-fillers. This chamomile oil is best used when you’re in need of a bit of tension relief.

Muji Ocean Oil

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of finding themselves in a Muji store knows what its essential oils can do — turn an otherwise ordinary retail space into a store you’re comfortable lounging in a beanbag in. The Ocean scent is a citrus blend, and it is ideal for slow wake-ups on quiet weekend mornings.

Retaw Tokyo Allen Oil

Out of Tokyo and tricky to find stateside, Retaw’s mission is to literally “wrap your life in fragrances.” The brand has many product lines in many categories, but this tiny, concentrated bottle is pure Japanese lily oil, and it rides the line between subtle and poignant about as well as any oil out there.

Ajne Carmel Oil

The boring appeal of Ajne’s many diffuser scents is a banishment of petroleum, preservatives or fillers. The sexier appeal is the brand was conscripted by Four Seasons Hotels to develop scents for its locations. A mix of cypress, moss and rockrose make for the Carmel scent particularly rich and earthy.

Aesop Isabelle Oil

Aesop has made its name through mixing incredible branding with equally incredible products. Its line of essential oils is no different. The ingredient list for the Isabelle oil is wonderfully short — spearmint leaf oil, rosemary leaf oil and sage oil. As you might expect, this is a very herby, earthy-scented oil. Use it clear your head, or try another of Aesop’s oils, in citrus or something a bit more spice-forward.

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