Blades on a Budget

5 Great Pocket Knives Are on Sale Right Now

There’s no denying the value in having a pocket knife on-hand. From opening boxes to skinning wild game, the practical uses are innumerable, as are the types of blades available for accomplishing these tasks. Knife designers have these chores in mind when designing new models, and while there are specific blades for specific jobs, the best knife is often the one that you have in your pocket.

There’s currently a wide selection of pocket knives — from iconic American folders to a sturdy Swedish fixed-blade — on sale at Massdrop for as much as 48 percent off. Chances are there’s one that’s ideal for whatever daily duties you might need a blade for.

Brawler by Kershaw $48 $25

Whiskey Bone Collection by W.R. Case $70 $45

Gent XL by Boxer x CountyComm $90 $80

Brouwer by Spyderco $297 $175

Survival Knives by Fallkniven $400 $225
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