I still remember when my dad gave me my first pocket knife. More specifically, I remember when he gave my brother his first pocket knife, an event that made me realize I wanted one too and kicked off months of advocating that I was old enough and responsible enough to wield a blade. (For the record, my brother shortened his finger by a quarter-inch with his knife; I remained injury free.) Even though both of our first knives were cheap and basic, I’ve kept mine over the years and consider it as an object that carries high personal value. That’s one of the great things about pocket knives — even the cheap ones can become valuable.

Right now Huckberry is selling a variety of blades for as much as 30 percent off. Some are high-end, while others are more simple. If you’re in need of a last minute gift for the holidays, even a cheap knife can have a big impact.

Morakniv Classic Number 1

Made in Sweden with a carbon steel blade and a Scandinavian birch handle, this fixed-blade is utterly simple and very affordable.

Douk-Douk Folder

This French-made knife uses a sheet metal construction, which is when the handle is created by folding a thin sheet of metal. It creates a pocket knife that’s incredibly lightweight. The figure etched into the handle is that of a Melanisian spirit.

Au Sabot Le Thiers

This knife’s form was created by the Confrerie du Couteau Le Thiers, which means “Brotherhood of the Thiers Knife,” and pays homage to the 600-year history of blade making in the town of Thiers, France. It has a carbon steel blade, olive handle and includes a corkscrew.

Santa Fe Stoneworks White Mammoth Tusk and Turquoise Vein Damascus Knife

On the highest end of materials that go into knife making are rare ingredients like mammoth tusk and turquoise, both of which are present in the handle of this collection-worthy blade.

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