The Omega Speedmaster Professional is an icon in its own right, remaining virtually unchanged since it became the first watch worn on the moon in 1969. That, however, does not mean there have been deviations from the formula. Omega, in fact, has made an almost notorious amount of limited edition and spin-off Speedmasters over the years, often to the chagrin of collectors claiming it dilutes the chronograph’s legacy.

Whether or not you believe that’s true, it does leave us with a lot of oddball variations on the Speedmaster, some bad, but some with enthusiastic followings. Even in the case of the latter, it’s rare to see these models sell for very much money despite being deemed desirable and being made in such few numbers. To illustrate that point, we found three rare models that you can pick up right now for less than the price of a brand new Speedmaster Professional: $5,250. Who knows, they might even be worth more than that someday.

Omega Speedmaster Reduced “Marui”

What we like: Billed as a smaller, more affordable alternative to the Professional, the Speedmaster Reduced was never likely to catch on with collectors. Still, it’s an excellent timepiece for its relatively low cost — especially considering it boasts the same handsome looks as the Professional in a smaller case size (39mm). This particular example is a Japan-only, limited edition made for Marui department stores and it’s one of the more desirable Reduced model thanks to its attractive panda dial design and the fact that fewer than 2,000 were made.
From the seller: Mint condition. No box or papers.

Omega Speedmaster 125

What we like: Launched in 1973, the Speedmaster 125 was a limited edition piece (only 2,000 were made) celebrating the brand’s 125th anniversary. More than just giving the Speedmaster a new case, it got an automatic chronograph movement (still very new at the time), and it came chronometer-certified, making it the world’s first automatic chronometer chronograph. Despite this, the 125 has never really caught on in collectors circles, perhaps because of its bulky case design. Still, this model feels like an undervalued piece of watch history clocking in under $3,500.
From the seller: Very good condition. Original black dial. Heavy steel case with screwed caseback and original crown.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Racing “Tintin”

What we like: Launched in 2013 then discontinued shortly thereafter, this Speedmaster was, according to Fratello Watches, initially born as an homage to the Tintin comic “Destination Moon.” The red-and-white chapter ring is based on the design of the rocket in the comic, and the prototype featured a more overt reference to Tintin, but the publisher of the comic wasn’t on board. The Tintin association was axed, but the watch’s red-and-white dial lived on ever so briefly as a “Racing” variant, though few were made and sold.
From the seller: Excellent case that shows light wear from use. The watch is running at COSC spec.

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