Los Angeles is big and sprawling, home to a diverse population with mixed interests. That said, certain lifestyle trends are more prevalent in this part of Southern California. Whether it’s the laid-back attitudes, the surfing or the laissez-faire approach to marijuana, the overall atmosphere is far from austere.

In recent years, a handful of brands have begun to embody different aspects of the LA lifestyle. Leading the pack: Brothers Marshall, Free and Easy and Mister Green. Goods are accessible and varied, ranging from tees and hoodies to bags and water bottles. But it’s the subject material — surfing, smoking, chill attitudes — that makes the brands stand out. Check out some of our favorite pieces below and infuse some West Coast vibes into your casual wardrobe.

Brothers Marshall

Brother Marshall makes a range of goods inspired by the LA surf scene. Along with tees, hats and hoodies, the brand has numerous limited-edition collaborations — the rainbow-sole Vans shoe sold out almost instantly. Oh, and don’t miss the irreverent graphic tees.

Rainbro Snapback Cap by Brothers Marshall $30

Mahalo Hibiscus Tee by Brothers Marshall $36

BM IKEYA Bag by Brothers Marshall $40

Free and Easy

Free and Easy specializes in graphic tees, hoodies and caps. The brand name and logo come from a defunct Japanese men’s style magazine of the same name, but the vibe is a perfect fit for Southern California. Channel a sun-faded West Coast mentality with this LA-made apparel.

Don’t Trip Washed Hat by Free and Easy $36

Natural Rainbow LS Tee by Free and Easy $58

Checkered Yin Yang Hoodie by Free and Easy $78

Mister Green

The Mister Green Life Store is an elevated head shop. The minimalist design and range of lifestyle products set this brand apart from stereotypical smoke shops. Check out clothing with tongue-in-cheek designs, accessories and home goods.

Bong Water Nalgene Bottle by Mister Green $23

Wordmark Longsleeve by Mister Green $46

Smoke Mother Nature Cap by Mister Green $48
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