Built by the specialists in custom, classic and competition machinery at UK’s Valespeed Motorcycles (actually a one-man operation), the ’28 Days Later’ Custom GasGas Motorcycle is a masterfully crafted bike that’s stylish, simple, and ultra-fun to ride.

The tracker-inspired bike is based on an old Spanish GasGas and features a lightweight bespoke frame made from 3/4″ steel tubing that encloses the beautiful fuel tank, just like the board track racers of the early 20th century. The engine is a liquid-cooled, 270cc GasGas two-stroke engine with a single cylinder and a single carburetor, breathing through a custom-made curved up exhaust.

Fitted with a single seat, Triumph wheels, a biscuit tin hiding all of the electrics, tennis racket tape for the grips, and an old champagne cork as a gas tank cap, this nimble 2-wheeler is pure old-school awesomeness.

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