Coca-Cola recently partnered with Elite and held a contest that drew global attention. With 400 participants and an estimated 463 entries from various countries, we believe that it was certainly not a walk in the park for the judges. After their lengthy deliberation, the officials settled for the one submitted by Tommaso Ceschi. Now that the competition is over, his design becomes the brand’s official bottle for 2018.

Let’s be honest, the appearance immediately makes you want to grab an ice-cold soda from the fridge. The metal container does not only good, but it can supposedly maintain the temperature of your drinks whether it’s hot or cold—this makes it perfectly usable all year round.

You will most likely notice that there are small dots all around the surface. The product description reveals that the bumps are intended to look like bubbles and help provide grip when the container becomes wet.

There are four colors offered that represent a Coca-Cola variant. Life sports the Green color, Light is decked in Silver, Zero comes in Black, and Regular is coated in Red. The company did not specify how long these products would stay available, so if you want to collect all four, it’s best to grab them now.

2018 Coca-Cola Bottle by Tommaso Ceschi