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There’s no use denying it any longer, people: it’s sweater weather. It is now officially *checks calendar* fall and there’s a downright chilly feel to the early-morning air right now, making getting out of bed harder than ever (because, y’know, it was always so easy). I feel like fall pulls this type of shit every single year. One day you’re blissfully biking by some scenic countryside vista in as little clothing as possible and then suddenly it’s, like, 55 degrees out and you find yourself wondering when it’s appropriate to bust out the big-ass winter coat.

If you haven’t spent the last few days miserably contemplating the state of your fall wardrobe, you and I are not the same. There’s no doubt in my mind that this fall is shaping up to be the weirdest one in a while, but if it’s a comforting dose of normalcy you’re looking for it’s a comforting dose of normalcy you’re going to get. Because no matter what this fall looks like, I also have very little doubt that a sweater — the layerable equivalent of an actual human being’s gentle, loving embrace — will serve you well. And guess what? You don’t have to (read: definitely shouldn’t) spend a lot to scoop one.

So to help you get over the inevitable end-of-summer malaise, we rounded up 15 of the best sweater options available now — all for below $150, so you won’t regret buying even if you never end up rocking ’em anywhere but around the house. Fall is here, folks. Don’t fight it. Instead, wrap your tired, aching body in the tender clutches of an affordable sweater and then commend yourself for seamlessly moving on from summer with such a wise, forward-looking purchase. Baby steps, man. Baby steps.

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Fine Gauge Supima Cotton Turtleneck

Land’s End


It’s high time to embrace the turtleneck. And yes, I will keep pestering you about it until you cave and buy one. Give it a shot, guy. What’s the worst that can happen? (Don’t answer that.) 

Low Gauge Crewneck Sweater



The gift that keeps on giving. 

Topman Black Houndstooth Sweater



An (extremely good) exploded houndstooth style for the statement-sweater enthusiasts among us.

The Essential Cashmere Sweater



Naadam is the latest DTC darling to raise *glances down at notes* ALL the money to help the brand on its mission to outfit dudes around the world in cashmere sweaters that don’t break the bank.

Peace Knit Crew Neck Sweater

Urban Outfitters


Every cutie with $80 should buy a Coogi (or, like, a thrifty man’s version of one). 

Cable-Knit Shawl-Collar Cardigan



Shawl-collar goodness courtesy of the ever-generous design team at the Crew. 

ReCashmere Crew



Everlane’s ReCashmere collection represents the culmination of a partnership with the brand’s mills in Italy to recycle already-worn cashmere styles by turning them into new pieces with half the carbon footprint (and now half off the price, too).  

Signature Cotton Fisherman Sweater

L.L. Bean


Long-Sleeved Merino Polo Shirt



If you haven’t already, it’s imperative you add merino wool to the list of fabrics you’ll be wearing this fall. You’re welcome.

Cable-Knit Cotton Sweater

Polo Ralph Lauren


Absolutely HUGE “gracefully-aging recent retiree out on a walk to the small bakery down the street” energy for only a hundred bucks. 

Daily Paper Black Aba Sweater

Daily Paper


A classic crewneck style—lined with fleece, naturally—that’s so soft you won’t want to take it off. 

Recycled Cotton Crew Sweater



Scott Sternberg’s second act already makes your favorite sweatsuit. Let the brand sell you on your favorite sweater, too. 

1969 Premium Cardigan



Sure, springing for this bad boy would involve paying a bit more than I’m used to for the iconic American brand, but I’ll be damned if this perfectly broken-in cardigan isn’t one of the cleanest I’ve seen in a minute. Sheesh

Recycled Wool Sweater



Patagonia don’t play around.  

Logo-Print Merino Wool-Blend Half-Zip Sweater

Pop Trading Company


A half-zip that won’t make you look like a middle manager.

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