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Amazon officially announced that Prime Day, its annual blowout sale event that’s exclusively for Prime members, will take place on October 13 and 14; the first deals will go live starting at midnight PST (or 3 a.m. EST) on the 13th.

Exact deals are still a mystery as Amazon likes to keep them top secret until Prime Day. The smartest thing to do now is prep ahead of time while we wait for more info. For now, see below for some deals you can shop today, and be sure to check out all of our Prime Day 2020 coverage.


Goodthreads Slim-Fit Tactical Pant

MSRP $36, Save 63%

Highly tactical trousers for your highly tactical lifestyle. (Ha!)

Champion Sueded Fleece Sweatpants

MSRP $35, Save 39% off

We can all still have a little sweatpants, as a treat. 

Champion Sueded Fleece Sweatshirt

$35.00 $23.00 (34% off)

Soft, soft fleece: fashion’s most comforting answer to your favorite comfort foods. 

Russell Athletic Heritage Fleece Hoodie

MSRP $55, Save 49%

For athletes and non-athletes alike. 

Calvin Klein Microfiber Low Rise Trunks

$60.00 $33.76 (44% off)

Because it’s never, ever a bad time to replenish your supply. 

Splendid Mills Montara Quilted Lightweight Jacket

MSRP $88, Save 61%

Lightweight outerwear season in full effect. 

Reebok Classic Leather Sneaker

MSRP $80, Save 57% off

A classic pair of kicks at a price that can’t be beat? Say less, king. 

Adidas Originals Big Trefoil Track Pants

MSRP $70, Save 43%

Swish, swish. 

Levi’s XX Taper Cargo Pants

MSRP $60, Save 35%

Pants with a non-elastic waist: still somehow a thing! (A thing you should consider trying once again, perhaps?)

Adidas Originals Nizza Sneakers

MSRP $65, Save 28%

All hail the least-known member of the Wu-Tang Clan: the Nizza. 

Adidas Originals Top Ten RB Sneaker

MSRP $90, Save 40%

Another pair of classic kicks? Why thank you, sir. Don’t mind if I do. 

Calvin Klein Double-Breasted Topcoat

MSRP $129, Save 11% off

Topcoat season starts today. 

Casio G-Shock Quartz Watch

MSRP $140, Save 6%

A watch that’s as impervious to shock as you are at this point. 

Billy Reid Cashmere Cable Knit Crewneck

MSRP $365, Save 52%

*Immediately breaks out into song* Billy Reid is…not my lover.

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