These days, there’s little excuse for a desk that’s out of sorts. Your mindset is as much a product of your setting as it is how much sleep you get or how much work you do in a day. Keep a work area with things strewn about and you’re more likely to be strewn about yourself.

If it doesn’t need to be in arm’s reach, it shouldn’t be. The best gear for the desk space provides everything a place to go, and clears as much additional desk space as it can. These 11 pieces of gear strive to do both of these things, and keep things looking good at the same time.

KVISSLE Cable Management Box

Cables jumbled and strewn about is among the quickest tells of a messy person. This $10 box is the first step to saving yourself from that visual headache. Buy yourself some zip ties to deal with the extra cord slack and shove it all in this thing for the simplest solution to this very 21st century issue.

Alvin Vinyl Mat

It’s a bit odd that desks are almost universally made with slip-prone materials, but this is the cheapest fix. The all-vinyl Alvin mat is functional if you need it to be, but otherwise works great as a way to keep your desk load out in place. There’s also the added benefit of appearing to be organized — fake it ’till you make it still applies.

CB2 Gilded File Holder

Not everything on your desk needs to be on the white to black scale, and stacks of notebooks, tax forms, loose documents and the like are not attractive on a desk. This gilded file and notebook sorter is clean, but isn’t muted.

Stendig Calendar

Massimo Vignelli’s work in the world of graphic design has made him a living legend, and his big-numbered calendar is part of the reason why (it’s got a spot in the Museum of Modern Art). A designer of brand identify, Vignelli carved his intensely geometric, modern aesthetic into IBM, New York City’s subway system (which is still in use), American Airlines, Bloomingdale’s and more.

Grovemade Measure Collection

The best tools are the ones you’ll want to use, and Grovemade’s compact, murdered-out measuring tools fit that bill perfectly. They’re small, thin and milled from a single piece of metal for peak mathematic nerdery.

Master & Dynamic Headphone Stand

The makers of some of the best audio equipment in the world are probably a decent resource on gear that keeps those products out of harm’s way. Resting your headhones on your desk, in your bag or virtually anywhere else is asking to have them dropped, stepped on or crushed. This stand is made of machined steel, has rubber foot pads and is extra-heavy in the base for stability.

Native Union Apple Dock Collection

Native Union’s stylish and compact dual charging dock is for Apple natives only, but it fits the mold of space-saving and nice to look at so well it can’t be ignored.

Gather Desk Organizer

A desk organizer made by someone who was sick of ugly, oddly cumbersome desk organizers. The first set has six mini ceramic organizers neatly fitted to either a maple or walnut board, and the second level adds on a cupholder and a headphone stand because, you know, why not.

Actions Productivity App

Alright, so it doesn’t go on your desk, but it goes on your phone which goes on your desk, so there. Actions is an app by Moleskine that simplifies your daily to-dos in a way that few apps do — simply.

Fully Jarvis Monitor Arm

Roundly recommended by the likes of Wirecutter and Engadget for its sturdiness and its looks, the Jarvis monitor arm clamps on to the side of your desk and comes in various colors. And, best of all, you’re clearing out more sweet, sweet desk real estate.

Daylight Company Combo Lamp

This take on the classic architect lamp is from London-based Daylight Company, and it is as industrious as it looks. Exposed springs and balances and a desk-clamping lock clears up more space on your desk. The $10 coverage plan that ensures replacement from power surge isn’t too shabby either.

Poppin Desk Raiser

If you’re unfamiliar, Poppin make products — which can be spotted all over our own office — that are pleasantly plain. This desk raiser is for the person whose read any of the daily articles published on the dangers of sitting down all day.