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BMW X7 Pick-Up Concept

Last month, SKODA threw us for a loop when 35 apprentices from its vocational school teased the MOUNTIAQ concept truck. Looking at the types of vehicles the Czech carmaker produces, this was not what the automotive industry was expecting. We are still reeling from the surprise, but we’re getting another one a European brand once more. Exploring the possibilities of transporting bulkier cargo, the BMW X7 Pick-up truck is pushing the boundaries of luxury and utility.

Meanwhile, any hopes of owning this unique machine are as good as zero because it’s a one-off model. The source of inspiration BMW is presenting this awesome truck as an elegant workhorse that will haul almost anything that would fit the bed. Right now, the company is parading it in all its glory with an equally remarkable ride aboard. Sitting on the rear is a BMW F 850 GS motorbike. These two absolutely look good together, as it should be and we hope that it eventually becomes a production model in the future.

Just like the SKODA project, the BMW X7 Pick-up truck owes its design from the minds of twelve trainees. What’s even more amazing is how this group was able to turn the concept into a working showpiece in just 10 months time. Drawing inspiration from the X7 xDrive40i, this five-seater sports a loading area line with teakwood. This gives it a premium appeal that is quite rare among vehicles of its kind. Ultimately, this project is just a small preview of what the carmaker’s future designers and engineers will be capable of.

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Images courtesy of BMW

BMW Vision M NEXT Concept

Every automaker is at least thinking about an autonomous driving future, even if they’re not doing anything about it. BMW’s Vision NEXT concepts have addressed that, but now they’ve made a driver’s concept car for…

Lamborghini Shows Off Beastly Huracán Sterrato Concept Off-Roader

Here’s the Huracán Sterrato, Lamborghini’s latest concept off-roader. Seemingly a course-correction of the imperfect Urus, the ride’s a supercar based off the Huracán EVO. It keeps the 640 horsepower, 5.2-liter V10 engine, which comes with the EVO’s LDVI system. Specifically tuned for gruesome off-roading.

First up, the exterior. A number of noticeable upgrades here, including a higher ground clearance by almost two inches. That makes for an improved front approach and departure angle. The wheel track is wider this time, too, both on the front and rear. It’s just a hair over an inch, but that’s significant enough. The 20-inch wheels come fitted with balloon tires. With body wheel arches with integrated air intakes, no less.

Right you are if you’re expecting underbody reinforcements and body protections. This Huracán Sterrato concept build gets a rear skid plate doubling as a diffuser. And a front aluminum skid as well that covers aluminum reinforcements on the front frame. Sides skirts are aluminum-reinforced, too. And you get a composite bodywork with stone-deflecting protection around the engine and air intakes. Let’s not forget the carbon fiber and elastomeric resin mudguards, plus the off-road LED lighting package.

There’s more, of course. The car boasts a lightweight aluminum roll cage, four-point seat belts, carbon bi-shell sport seats, and aluminum floor panels. In a word, this car is scary. But scary in a good way. With terrifying specs to match its formidably stylish exterior, we really wish the Huracán Sterrato wasn’t just a concept. Check out more photos of the fantasy off-roader below. Hit the link to read more information.


Photos courtesy of Lamborghini

The Lamborghini Urus ST-X Concept Is A Race-Ready SUV

For the longest time, an Italian carmaker that flaunts a raging bull emblem is recognized for its supercars. The recognizable touch of excellence clearly flows within every new model that rolls out of the assembly line. Hence, the public was admittedly blindsided when the company unveiled an SUV in 2017. Furthermore, it drew mixed reactions from the press and consumers alike. Now, it’s making some changes to tap into its rich racing legacy with the Lamborghini Urus ST-X.

It’s easy to see that the ST-X is a Lamborghini Urus upgrade. It’s hard to believe that a four-door four-seat SUV will be burning rubber on the race track. However, there’s no stopping the manufacturer from turning it into a high-performance race car. Engineers are taking the stock model and replacing metal components with carbon fiber make it more lightweight. Sources close to the project claim that this procedure will shave off around 25 percent from the overall weight.

Not only does the company want to prove that the Urus can dominate the tracks, but it will also do so with minimal tweaks. Additionally, the Lamborghini Urus ST-X will be hosting a one-make racing series. This will be a challenging test for professional drivers as they push the vehicle’s performance to its limits. Ultimately, we will be seeing close-to-stock models competing in races akin to that of a Rallycross event. Rumors are suggesting that the track-ready version of the Urus is a teaser for a new model in the pipeline. We’re not sure if it will bear the same name, but the idea is simply exhilarating.

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Images courtesy of Lamborghini

Citroën 19_19 Concept Car

With the exception of upcoming supercars and hypercars, it seems like futuristic car designs are on a whole new level. Don’t take it the wrong way, because we just love how designers are coming up with unique aesthetics. Not only are these concept models parading eye-catching looks, but the interior layout also blows us away. One recent model that best illustrates what we wrote is the Citroën 19_19. This concept car looks like it’s about to lift off and take flight with a switch of a button.

A closer look at the form factor of the vehicle reminds us of the Citroën RE2 helicopter, which was made in the 70s. The carmaker is showcasing this concept to celebrate its centenary year in the business. The space-age ride seems like it traveled back in time to join the festivities and we’re loving it. It’s about as big as a mid-size SUV that can accommodate up to four people including the driver. You might be wondering what it’s doing with all that extra space and the answer lies inside the cabin.

Citroën describes the interior of the 19_19 as a “true living room on wheels.” We’re nodding in agreement after seeing the seating configuration within. The driver’s seat appears to offer superior comfort and support, which serves its purpose. Meanwhile, the front passenger seat appears to be a luxurious recliner with a motorized footrest. Moreover, the read seats likewise look plush and inviting. This makes us think that whoever is driving is getting the short end of the stick when going on a trip.

Powering the Citroën 19_19 is a 100 kWh battery that operates two electric motors that generate up 456 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. Finally, It can zoom from 0-62 mph in five seconds with a top speed of 124 mph. Owners will be getting an estimated mileage of 497 miles on a single charge.

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Images courtesy of Citroën

2019 Jeep Gladiator “Wayout” Concept

Here’s the perfect overlanding ride. Jeep and Mopar just unveiled a bevy of new concept cars, one of which is the above, called the Jeep Gladiator Wayout. It’s of course a modified Jeep Gladiator, set to be a part of Jeep’s Easter Safari off-roading excursion.

Sure, it’s essentially a Gladiator pickup at its core. But it’s got some notable upgrades plus an intense roof rack that can support a built-in two-person tent and canopy. The pop-tent rests on a rack at the top of the bed, and it comes with a ladder for more efficient access.

For those truly aching for the overlanding experience, Jeep’s got you covered. It put two extra tanks in the bedsides, an onboard air-supply line, and even drawers in the bed. There’s also a custom roof rack over the cab for extra storage. As on other off-roaders, there’s a winch and snorkel on-hand just in case.

Underneath, you’ll find a lift kit sourced from Jeep Performance Parts, 17-inch steel wheels, and 37-inch mud tires. They come together in this gorgeous Gator Green paint, which looks gorgeous, if a bit too on the nose. Inside, the seats are made of brown leather and feature stitched topographical maps. A nice, unexpected touch. And in case you ever need more illumination, there are LED lights onboard.

Unfortunately, the Jeep Gladiator Wayout doesn’t come with powertrain adjustments. Which means it’s got the same 3.6-liter V-6 engine and eight-speed automatic transmission. But that’s no cause for concern, as the production Gladiator doesn’t disappoint, anyway.


Photos courtesy of Jeep and Mopar

Rivian R1S U.S. Forest Ranger Edition Concept

A while back, Rivian unveiled its all-electric R1S SUV, dubbed as the automaker’s Tesla killer. It immediately grabbed everyone’s attention, and understandably so. The car, after all, offers an intriguing argument against getting one of Elon Musk’s battery-powered beassts.

But even though the road version is set to become a fantastic electric vehicle, designer Mo Aoun couldn’t help but imagine a much better version. Which is why this exists — a concept for a Rivian R1S Forest Ranger Edition.

Aoun cobbled this made-for-nature custom job himself. You can get a better look on his Behance page, which you can check out below. The eco-friendly powerplant tops up to 750 ponies, boasting a range of more than 400 miles in the standard version. That means this 4x4v SUV is ready for navigating forests, however dense or thick.

You’ll also find a lift kit here, massive all-terrain tires, and a front-end which. There’s also a light bar on the roof, a grille guard, and a roof rack.

That’s not the most impressive part. The kicker? If Rivian really wanted to, they could add everything to the existing vehicle after the fact. That means they wouldn’t even have to alter the main vehicle before inputting Aoun’s upgrades. It’s rare that a concept is so close to reality. If we were Rivian, we’d definitely be on the phone with Aoun, stat.

Will Rivian ever try to make this build into a reality? Probably not. Is it a cool concept? Definitely. Hopefully the folks at Rivian frequent Behance.


2020 Lister Knobbly

It’s been a while since we saw a new version of Lister’s iconic Knobbly racecar, so this new teaser should well sprinkle some new life into our parched hopes for a new entry. The British racing builder’s co-owner and CEO Lawrence Whitaker shared an image on Twitter just recently showing off what he calls “the new Lister Knobbly concept we’ve been working on.”

There’s no information beyond the image and the chief’s short caption, but the image shows a great deal of promise. If the forthcoming Lister Knobbly ends up being anything like the thing you see above, expect to see a stunning modern flourish to the classic racer.

While futuristic-looking, what’s great is the car retains the Knobbly’s signature cockpit. And who can overlook those slick-looking camel-hump wheel arches. They’re toned down a bit in this iteration, though, more blended into the car’s smoother lines.

Even still, it’s a great display of what could be the next evolution of the Lister Knobbly. Lister appears to have made the car hover much lower to the ground. We don’t know how racecar enthusiasts feel about that, but we’re loving it, if purely for an aesthetic standpoint. Unlike many vintage cars Lister has developed for vintage racing events, this one is top-to-bottom modern.

It’s not clear when Lister plans to share more details about the car, but make sure to check back with Men’s Gear as we learn more. The car is most likely spending some time in the design phase as we speak, so it might take a while before a prototype, let alone a purchasable model, arrives.


Toyota Supra TRD

Toyota showed off a new TRD Performance Line Concept version of its 2020 Supra in Japan this past weekend. It’s not exactly Earth-shattering, but this marks the first time TRD has tinkered with the MkV Supra.

Much of the modifications in this concept car are focused on the aero parts. That means TRD didn’t change the car’s inline-six engine, a bummer for those who had been hoping for a slight power bump.

In any case, if you’re a fan of carbon fiber, you’re in luck. Nearly all the enhanced aero parts are made of the material. The parts were developed in the wind tunnel to produce tangible gains in downforce and stability, as well.

The concept includes a front spoiler, side skirt, door garnish, trunk spoiler, and rear spats. These all coalesce to produce an unspecified amount of added downforce thanks to all the extruding fins. All the aero parts make it look like the 2020 Toyota Supra is crouching lower, too. Note that the suspension and the brakes are still stock, though. Finally, TRD also went and swapped out the base’s 19-inch forged wheels for a different design.

Do these modifications significantly upend the basic 2020 Toyota Supra model? It’s hard to say. You’d have to drive it yourself to notice if those aero parts make a huge difference. In any case, the concept serves as an early look at what TRD’s parts catalog will look like once the car goes on sale.

Carbon fiber parts are extremely expensive, by the way. Expect to shell out far beyond the car’s base $50,000 2020 Toyota Supra.


Photos courtesy of TRD

Volkswagen Is Making an All New Electric Dune Buggy Concept

Volkswagen just announced that they’re breathing new life into their lineup with a few teaser shots of a one-of-a-kind electric dune buggy. What they’re actually doing is resurrecting the idea of the Beetle-based buggy that…

Off-Road Bugatti Chiron Concept

Here at Men’s Gear, we love writing about all kinds of cars. Heck, most of what we publish here are often fictional ones, or in other words, concept cars. This one, from an incredible Estonian artist called Rain Prisk, reimagines the Bugatti Chiron as an off-road beast. The result is nothing short of breathtaking.

Seriously, just look at the photo above. Believe us, we’re just as vehemently wishing it’s actually a real car as you are.

Impressive as the Bugatti Chiron may already be, the supercar isn’t meant for off-road adventures. Which is why Prisk applied some enhancements on the million-dollar vehicle for it to be able to chart the harshest terrain and come out unscathed.

Notional as these enhancements may be, Prisk’s handiwork is still quite fascinating. In fact, it’s on par with most of the artist’s renderings, which are usually monster versions of production cars, complete with beefed-up wheels and suspensions. For this particular project, Prisk gave the Bugatti Chiron a winch and roof rack, and it looks stunning.

We hope Bugatti’s research and development team stumbles upon this work by Prisk, because it’s too gorgeous to pass up. This being a concept, it’s hard to ascertain whether the design is feasible. And we can only imagine how hard it will be to engineer a car that’s as slick and curvaceous as this one.

The rear details in black are particularly interesting to ponder construction-wise, and suppose Bugatti does take up the challenge and attempts to produce a car just like this one, it would be interesting how they’ll approach the tiny little details that make this design a punch above other off-roaders.


Holden Time Attack Concept Racer

Holden ventures forth into the future with its latest concept car, called the Time Attack. The ride boasts a powertrain consisting of four 250kW Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Electric Motor Drives. That gives it a simulated top speed of 480kmph and an acceleration of zero to 100 in just 1.25 seconds.

Holden envisions the Time Attack as a single-lap tearaway, pitted against the clock unlike its endurance cars. It was developed using a smattering of technologies, including simulation spearheaded by the clever people inside GM Holden’s Melbourne Design Studio. They were able to simulate not only how the car moves, but also how it looks.

“We have the ability to simulate a car’s appearance, technology and dynamics in convincing animations, which enables us to deliver better designs in a shorter time. This concept is a digital advertisement for the advanced skills, capability and technology of the GM Holden team,” says GM Holden Design Director Richard Ferlazzo.

Concept cars aren’t new to Holden. They’ve been doing this since the Hurricane concept of 1969. And each concept since then has been as impressive as the last, if not more. It used to be that traditional motor shows were the perfect place where these cars could make their debut. However, as things have changed, so has Holden’s approach to developing cars. With motor shows in Australia slowly coming to a halt, Holden had to turn to virtual technology to serve up its latest ideas.

As such, the final design you see above was developed using a digitally-printed 3D model. Holden might not have the luxury of showing off at Australian motor shows anymore. But at least it can still make these concepts using high-end tech.


2020 Kia Telluride By Brandon Maxwell

An unexpected guest just crashed a show during New York Fashion Week 2018. Attendees who looked forward to a catwalk lined with models dressed in the latest trends also caught a glimpse of something exciting. We are talking about the 2020 Kia Telluride that flaunted its wares on the runway. It only seems fitting that it made its debut during the event. That’s because this SUV just got a fresh coat of style courtesy of Brandon Maxwell.

According to sources, the Texas-born fashion designer claims that he always loved the brand. Therefore, he collaborated with Kia on a unique project. What we have is an exclusive variant of the eight-seater that any Texan would undoubtedly line up to own. Going with a theme that purposely reflects Maxwell’s state of origin, the SUV is adorned with a lot of materials that border on the impractical from a carmaker’s standpoint. However, when it comes to haute couture, practically anything goes.

Let’s start with the interior. The roomy cabin receives a healthy dose of natural wood trims that just looks perfect along with the liberal patches of leather all over. It doesn’t stop there—even the exterior components such as the side mirrors, grab handles, and the straps that hold the spare tire all feature brown double-stitched hide. This bespoke 2020 Kia Telluride definitely throws everything that Brandon Maxwell believes best showcases Texas. We hope it will be offered as an optional trim when the SUV officially arrives in showrooms next year.

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Photos courtesy of Kia

BMW Vision iNEXT Concept

What you see above is the Vision iNEXT, BMW’s latest all-electric concept car that’s partly autonomous. While it’s still very much a “concept” at this point, BMW has every intention of turning it into a reality — a car based on iNEXT is heading into production in 2021.

According to BMW chief Harald Krüger, the Vision iNEXT “represents a new era of sheer driving pleasure,” and is a car from which other manufacturers can imagine the future of electric, driverless vehicles.

BMW based the Vision iNEXT on the X5 large SUV, but it features an all-new interior not previously seen in any of BMW’s past or current models. The back is notable for its sleek garishness, with a wraparound couch-style seat that innovates the cramped three-person pew on newer vehicles. But the most impressive part of all is the panoramic glass roof and large windows, giving the car an almost living room-like feel. It’s very much like Tesla’s enormous signature windshield, but in the case of the Vision iNEXT, all the windows are given this treatment.

As we mentioned, the car is only partly autonomous, so you’ll still find a steering wheel up front. There are two driving modes: Boost and Ease. You drive the car manually while in Boost and in Ease, the car drives itself.

BMW’s Vision iNEXT concept is a more practical take on driverless cars. It acknowledges that driverless is the future, but at the same time it admits that the technology is far from perfect and could lead to serious and life-threatening disasters.

“BMW cars will always have a steering wheel,” says Klaus Fröhlich, BMW’s development boss.


Photos courtesy of BMW

Genesis Essentia GT Concept

With less than 3 years in existence, Hyundai spin-off company Genesis is a newcomer to the auto market and so far their cars didn’t manage to impress. A quick look at their sexy Essentia GT Concept will make you think otherwise.

With a mighty fine supercar presence, the vehicle is the luxury brand’s first all-electric model. It features a multi-motor powertrain capable of 0-60 mph in 3.0 seconds, a sleek elongated carbon fiber body, transparent hood panel providing a peek at the underlinings and the pushrod suspension, biometric-operated dual butterfly doors, and Midas copper wheels.

The equally impressive interior is wrapped in Oxford Blue and Cognac leather and sports an elegantly shaped digital dashboard.

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2018 Moab Easter Jeep Safari Concepts

Just like they do every year for the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab (Utah), Jeep has unveiled another great batch of mud-loving vehicles.

A total of seven cars, the 2018 Moab Easter Jeep Safari Concepts include trucks for every preference, from a Baja racing-inspired model to a lightweight Wrangler dubbed 4SPEED, or a modern Jeepster. The star of the bunch seems to be the Wagoneer Roadtrip, a restored 1965 model which now has a longer (an extra 5-inch) body and sports custom fender flares, revamped wheel wells & bumpers, and a mean razor grille.

The old-school beaut rides on new 17-inch steel wheels with BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain tires and is powered by a new 5.7-liter V-8 engine. Other details include a boxed and reinforced frame, Dana 44 axles, four-link suspension, original bench seats covered in oxblood leather, wicker ceiling, and ultra cool-looking Bottle Green architectural glass. Feast your eyes on the rest of the concepts below!

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Jaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo Varga

We always wondered if and when there would be a proper successor to the Jaguar range after the E-type was so fatefully removed.

Que Laszlo Varga, the industrial design grad from the Technological University of Budapest.

Varga brought the E-Type concept design to vivid life with his photo-realistic renderings. The E-Type’s long bonnet, swooping curves and oval grille have been updated to reflect contemporary Jaguar design aesthetics.

Varga states that his goal for the E-Type concept is “to bring this icon back to the modern world, and with it, the feeling and the atmosphere in a style that fits the modern car design expectations and the heritage of the Jaguar brand.”

“A modern E-type has to be reborn with the harmonious combination of the modern strong edges and the smooth feminine lines.” – he also adds.

The sleek design of his E-Type concept renderings has us wanting to see more. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out in the industry for the name Laszlo Varga in coming years.

To see more sick designs and renderings by Varga, I highly suggest you visit his blog.

Jaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo VargaJaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo VargaJaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo VargaJaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo VargaJaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo VargaJaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo VargaJaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo VargaJaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo VargaJaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo VargaJaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo VargaJaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo VargaJaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo VargaJaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo VargaJaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo VargaJaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo VargaJaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo VargaJaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo VargaJaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo VargaJaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo VargaJaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo Varga