It’s generally frowned upon to eat or drink anything while using a computer, as too much can go wrong. Still, everybody does it. That was probably the thinking behind the Apple’s latest patent: a laptop keyboard that can’t be damaged by crumbs or liquid. As pointed out by Deezen, the patent was first filed in 2016, but only just published by the US Patent and Trademark Office this week. Titled “Ingress Prevention for Keyboards,” the patent suggests using a “layered barrier” to block the normal gaps around keyboard keys where things like crumbs or dust could get stuck. This design would prevent harmful fluids from penetrating the keys as well.

It should be noted that not every patent comes to fruition, and Apple files a large number of patents each year that seem to amount to nothing. Still, a waterproof and crumb-proof keyboard doesn’t seem too out of the question. Logitech (and several others) sell “washable” keyboards. And in the past year, both Razor and Corsair have released gaming keyboards that are spill- and snack-proof. If Apple were to release a “snack-proof” MacBook or MacBook Pro, however, chances are it’s not going to be one of the 2018 MacBook or MacBook Pros that are expected to be announced this June. In the future, though, maybe.

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