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A company called Workhorse showed off its new electric pickup called W-15 at the Consumer Electronics Show. It can do 80 miles on electricity and comes with a BMW-sourced, 1.5-liter gasoline generator to power it for another 310 miles of range.

As for truck things like payload and towing, it’ll haul 2,200 pounds and pull 5,000 pounds, and it also comes with a 7.2-kW power exporter that can run your average 110-volt saws, drills and other power tools. Total system output is 460 hp, good for a 5.5-second sprint to 60 mph. The batteries are from Panasonic.

Workhorse W-15 interior

Standard but Spartan.

The body is based on the Chevy Silverado, but the chassis was built by Workhorse with lightweight composite materials. Workhorse also claims the W-15 will have “state of the art collision avoidance” and “autonomous controls.”

The company is building a fleet order of 5,300 trucks by the end of 2018; consumer orders start the following year. The current MSRP is $52,000, before local and federal tax credits.

Workhorse W-15 power exporter

The 7.2-kW power exporter will run power tools without the engine running.