If you use Chrome — and you probably do, seeing as 62% of all people online are active users — then you’ll be happy to know that Google just introduced a new way to make sure your passwords are safe. It’s an extension called Password Checkup and it lets you know if your passwords for sites like Gmail, Amazon, eBay and Netflix are safe. If not, it’ll notify you that one or more of your passwords have been compromised.

However, once you install Password Checkup on Chrome, you shouldn’t consider it a failsafe. Use a different password for every website, and make sure they’re long, random and unique (if you need help creating a strong password, read this). You should probably change your passwords every six months, you should definitely use a Password Manager, such as 1Password or Dashlane, so you don’t have to remember all those ridiculously long passwords. That said, adding another layer of protection like Password Checkup seems like a no-brainer. It’s simple, secure and, best of all, free.