The world of overlanding needs more lightweight adventure trailer options. And the offerings from new guys on the block TetonX are looking pretty damn enticing. Bolting a full camper onto your roof or in the back of your truck is an incredible luxury to when overlanding, but it isn’t always an option. However, that’s not to say you’re heading up the famous creek without a paddle. An excellent alternative to is an adventure camper you can tow behind your rig.

You may immediately associate sleep-in adventure trailers with being heavy, necessitating a gas-guzzling 4×4 to give you any hope of just getting down the driveway. The trailers from TetonX, though, start at just 700lbs with the ultralight Jake model. Meaning, the bare minimum machine you need is a halfway decent side-by-side. Move up to one of the larger, more complex 10-foot Hybrid popup trailer, and you’re still only looking at 2,400lb worth of camper to pull. The Off-Axis model, the middleweight of the group, can sleep up to four people comfortably, yet tips the scales at a scant base weight of 1,350 lbs — no problem for a Jeep Wrangler.

The secret to any decent adventure trailer is a healthy amount of lightweight composites, wood and aluminum. The TetonX trailers have that in spades on top of all the customizable options you can tack on, like an outdoor kitchenette for the smallest trailer and a rooftop racks and tents for the bigger models. The versatility of the lack of weight is really what opens these trailers up to a wider audience, though. It means you can tow a TetonX with a simple sedan, but the side-by-side is the most intriguing option — take it further up the fire road, farther off the grid and make a real adventure out of your weekend. If you’re on the east coast August 9-12, TetonX will also be in attendance at this year’s Mid Atlantic Overland Festival. And if last year’s outing was anything to go by, TetonX will be joining in on one hell of a party.

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