If Volvos Were Gorgeous Mutants

You Can (and Should) Now Reserve The Unbeatably Stunning Polestar One for $2,500

After an attention-grabbing European debut at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show last week, Volvo‘s standalone performance offshoot Polestar has opened the floodgates for potential customers to claim their very own limited-run Polestar One grand touring coupe. In person, the Polestar One is so good looking, smooth and well-proportioned that it seems to bend space-time; I stood in one spot staring at the show car, hypnotized for longer than I care to admit. The thought of driving one is mesmerizing as well: with a combined 600 horsepower, the clever powertrain promises to move the car with the best of GTs.

Actual pricing stats are still unavailable, but it has been suggested that the car will elicit a ~$175,000 price tag on the upper end when it finally hits roads, allegedly in 2020. That price, however, is quite dubious, since Polestar is said to be considering leaning heavily into a subscription model, according to Autoblog. (Volvo has already launched a car-subscription program, Care by Volvo, available now on its exquisite XC40 compact SUV, which I reviewed late last year.) In the meantime, potential customers in 18 countries can now make fully-refundable $2,500 deposits to secure an example.

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