Yeti’s newest product pushes the boundaries on what a backpack can be. The Panga Submersible Backpack 28 is an airtight citadel with the characteristics of the durable Panga duffle, but wraps into a unique backpack design. When you have to keep things dry, like on a boating or rafting trip, or even when you’re headed out to go SUP camping or fly fishing, opt for this new backpack. It’s built to be around water and is 100 percent waterproof. You could even take it surfing if that was socially acceptable (it isn’t).

Like everything Yeti does, the brand dedicated countless hours in its Austin-based innovation lab figuring out the best shape and design. Of particular note is the molded back panel, which is comfortable for a variety of different body shapes and sizes. While it isn’t super breathable, it’s just as durable as the new wheels on the Yeti Tundra Haul. The pack also features clasps at the waist and chest to keep the bag stable when weighted down with a day’s worth of gear for the river.

It’s built with the same Hydrolok zipper as Yeti’s other soft products (like the Hopper series and Panga duffle) that keeps water out and everything inside extremely dry. It’s also airtight, and in a pinch could function as a flotation device if all goes south. The interior of the bag is clad in a bright blue, which makes it easier to see what’s inside and prevents you from losing your keys or spools of tippet in the bottom.

Yeti gave thorough consideration to the organizational pockets on the Panga backpack as well. The brand included a mesh pocket right on the front flap that’s easy-to-access, as well as a stash pocket along the back of the interior. There’s also a velcro back pad which allows you to attach optional accessories, or if you still need more space, the exterior features webbing loops for attaching the Sidekick or Sidekick Dry to keep things separate. We also anticipate Yeti launching additional velcro-based accessories designed specifically for the Panga backpack.

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