With the continued surge in coronavirus overtaking “trampling by stampede” on the list of Black Friday perils, it’s no wonder that many retailers have made the deals digital. Most of them are already active ahead of the unofficial holiday, too — you can get everything from mattresses to speaker sets — though one thing you shouldn’t bank on scoring a deal on is a Yeti cooler. Alas, the brand’s ultra-rugged gear is proving as durable to price cuts as grizzly attacks; there’s no busting these doors.

That said, the company is running a rare promo that could please some of its devoted fans. It opened up a section of its website called Gear Garage Finds that features an array of products available in discontinued sizes and colors. There’s a lot of drinkware here, but there are also backpacks and totes, and, if you refuse to buy a cooler in any hue other than coral, you’re in luck. Stock is limited, naturally, but Yeti says it’ll update the page daily with new items.

Oh, and we did manage to find one noteworthy Yeti discount: 40 percent off an 18-ounce stainless steel water bottle.


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