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We love winter. And whether we’re on the mountain carving turns or going for runs along the East River, we rely on great products to keep us warm. We’ve discounted some of our favorite winter goods from the Gear Patrol Store. Shop now and enjoy free shipping to anywhere in the United States.

Faribault Scout Blanket

Faribault has been making superlative woolen goods since 1865. Their time-tested processes produce full, warm weaves that are robust while still being soft and cozy. The Scout blanket is Faribault’s re-interpretation of the classic Civil War stripe blanket, made from 100% wool in one of the last vertically-integrated mills in the United States. We’ve paired the Scout with the Gear Patrol x Faribault-branded blanket carrier. This simple accessory makes transporting and stowing your Scout easy and, constructed from natural bridle leather and secured with brass rivets and hardware, will last as long as your Faribault blanket will.

Askov Finlayson x Gear Patrol Knit Cap

Askov Finlayson believes that winter should be enjoyed, not endured. We crafted the Gear Patrol x Askov Finlayson Knit Hat to be a hearty piece of headgear to get you through the coldest days. It’s woven from 100% lambswool and sports a Gear Patrol Orange flash held fast by a brass rivet. Produced in limited quantities exclusively for Gear Patrol.

American Trench x Gear Patrol Beanies

We partnered with our friends at American Trench to produce the perfect beanie for wear all winter long. Constructed in a single piece (no seams!) from a 70/30 blend of merino and cashmere in three distinct colors, the Gear Patrol x American Trench Beanie is soft and lightweight, perfectly balancing comfort and warmth. Produced in Texas exclusively for Gear Patrol.

Mountain Standard x Gear Patrol Utility Glove

Mountain Standard has been producing their leather utility glove for years, making it a perennial go-to for a range of activities. Constructed from highly durable goatskin, lined with microfleece and cuffed with Neoprene with velcro closure, the Gear Patrol x Mountain Standard glove is our execution of the tried-and-true design featuring a Gear Patrol Orange hang dry finger loops and detachable wrist leash. Produced exclusively for Gear Patrol in limited quantities.