Whenever a classic Ford performance car pops up — like this 1992 Escort RS — it now brings about more than just a hard hit of nostalgia. Each older Ford is a bitter reminder that it’ll be a long time before we see anything like it again. Ever since Ford announced it’s moving away from sedans entirely and that the Focus is turning into a small crossover, old Fords became that much more special. The last Focus RS was worthy of the name and the lineage, but park the most recent Focus next to its Escort RS grandfather, and it’s just plain sad.

It might not be a fair comparison, pitting the Escort RS — a car designed and homologated for Rally racing — against the new Focus, but, then again, their base architectures as small economy cars have the same mission. Still, the Escort just has more punch. In its day, the Escort RS Cosworth earned its legend status as a pint-sized apex hunter that was wildly tuneable. This ’92 RS is a prime example.

Among its upgrades are a tuned ECU, upgraded injectors, aftermarket intake and a turbo-back exhaust, Bilstein shocks, boost gauge, Hella lights and an upgraded clutch. Aside from the wheels and headlights, its outward appearance remains untouched. The signature dual-oval hood vents and massive whale-tail spoiler are present and accounted for, thankfully.

Finding one of these old Cosworths is a rare treat, more so to find one completely unmodified, since they take so well to increased mechanical performance. After all, they’re rally cars at heart and meant to go everywhere sideways and loud as hell.