After much anticipation, and an announcement to the brand’s blog earlier this year, Silca’s Sicuro titanium water bottle cages are finally available for purchase. Titanium water bottle cages have long been the gold standard for cyclists looking to save weight on their bikes, but at $70, is Silca’s version worth it compared to the other competition in the marketplace?

The Good: Titanium water bottle cages won’t scratch your water bottles like carbon ones will. They’re lightweight, durable and look great on just about any bike. Silca’s Sicuro cages are also made in the US.

Who They’re For: The Sicuro cages are for cyclists who are serious about each detail that goes on their bike. Casual cyclists will likely be fine making due with something more affordable. But if you’re counting ounces on your bike, and want something unique, these are for you.

Watch Out For: There’s really not much to be concerned about with the Sicuro bottle cages. If you’re in the market for new water bottle cages, or just bought a new bike and want to outfit it with the best of the best, there isn’t anything worth mentioning that would convince you to go another route.

Alternatives: The most obvious parallel is the King Cage titanium water bottle cage ($60). There are many similarities in construction and shape. A cheaper option is Blackburn’s Swerve titanium bottle cage ($55) which also shares many similarities in design.

Review: Titanium water bottle cages are nothing new. Ron Andrews of King Cage has been making them for decades. As has Blackburn. But, like any product, there is always room for improvement. With the Sicuro cages, it’s the details that make them so noteworthy. For example, the elongated mounting holes. The elongations in the mounting holes allow for fore and aft adjustments, something that the other alternatives don’t offer. Silca is also utilizing a laser welding technique adopted from the aerospace industry for the construction of the cages. It’s the first time that the technique has been applied in the cycling industry, and it allows Silca to offer a 25-year warranty on the cages.

Verdict: On the surface, the Sicuro water bottle cage is a simple product. It’s a few bends in a titanium rod welded together to form a water bottle cage. But when you look closer, at the incremental improvements over the existing designs, the benefits start to come into view — and the $70 price tag starts to become justified. It’s more expensive than the other options in the marketplace, but if you break it between now and 2043, Silca will make it right.

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