Surfing in Sri Lanka, riding a motorcycle across Chile, riding horses in Wyoming — we do all sorts of traveling here at Gear Patrol, and it’s undoubtedly a great perk of the job. The staff we have here at the office are as varied in personality and style as the adventures we get to call “work.” Which got us thinking. We all travel, and we all have carry-ons (since laptops and cameras are an extra appendage at this point), so what does that common denominator look like for a variety of Gear Patrol staff members? We polled members of the editorial and design staff to see what items are indispensable when they hit the road. — Bryan Campbell, Staff Writer

AJ Powell, Assistant Editor

“While I’m constantly on the hunt for products that simplify this setup even further, this is my current travel kit. Items like the Eagle Creek packing cubes are truly indispensable and are also the simplest and most impactful. They’ve changed the way I pack for the better. I rotate headphones frequently, but the B&W PX is what I’ve been using recently — and they are impressive. My carry-on bag tends to change pretty frequently as well, but I finally got my hands on the Alchemy AEL008, and I’m hoping it becomes permanent in my kit. Lastly, the Icebreaker Tabi merino wool long-sleeve shirt; even on trips to warmer climes, this shirt is either on my back or in my bag. I can’t preach the benefits of merino wool enough, and the fit and styling of this shirt is just right.”

Specter Packing Cubes by Eagle Creek $23
AEL008 by Alchemy Equipment $224
PX by Bowers and Wilkins $400
Tabi Tech Lite Long Sleeve Pocket Crewe by Icebreaker $140
iPad Mini by Apple $349
PowerCore 20100 by Anker $42
Subterra Powershuttle by Thule $25
Travel Wallet by Bellroy $120

Andrew Haynes, Senior Art Director

“My main goal when I travel is to stay comfy, connected and as refreshed as possible. I also like to stay lightweight. If I can’t fit it in one bag I’m not taking it.”

Mobile Hotspot by Skyroam $79
Travel Wallet by J.Crew Learn More: Here
Pullover Hoodie by NKWC $135
Antioxidant Eye Cream by Aesop $85
Powerstation XXL by Mophie $100
Carry On by Away $225
Watch by Apple $329

John Zientek, Style Writer

“No matter where I go, I tend to keep things pretty simple: an understated backpack and a durable duffle bag, a few changes of clothes and something to read. Sometimes I bring hiking boots, sometimes sneakers. Occasionally you’ll see me with a computer or camera, but I’ll always have my iPhone. The more you pack, the more there is to lose.”

Twain Weekender by Korchmar $585
Zip Canvas Backpack by Joshu+Vela $128
Roman Sunglasses by David Kind $325
Surf Hoodie by Kapital $403
Daily Reviving Concentrate by Kiehl’s $47
The Bhagavad Gita translated by Eknath Easwaran $9
iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB by Apple $330
Cap by General Admission $40+

Caitlyn Shaw, Associate Audience Development Editor

“If you’re lazy when you travel (I am), everything needs to serve two purposes. This suitcase is a capable carry-on, but also doubles as a small seat. The denim jacket is a great layer for a variety of destinations, but it also elevates an otherwise laid-back travel uniform. Small leather goods like the lifestyle roll and luggage tag double as helpful organizational tools and elevated details. Body oil is great for perfume, moisturizer, quick hair treatment and a slew of other things. Mad Libs? They’re great for travel-partner-bonding and passing the time when inevitably delayed at the airport.”

Trucker Jacket (Black) by Levis $90
Bandito Lifestyle Role by This is Ground $110
Yankee Hat by American Needle $18
Riccione Ultra-Light Carry On by Bric’s $199
Folding Toothbrush by The Container Store $2
No. 146 Luggage Tag by Billykirk $35
Much Ado About Mad Libs by Mad Libs $5
Santal 33 Body Oil by Le Labo $68

Will Price, Staff Writer, Home & Design

“My travel essentials make a few things plainly obvious: I lack personal direction, I write everything of note down before it evaporates into the ether with all my other good ideas (there are some, I swear), I lack stamina and I enjoy my stimulants. Something I won’t be self-deprecating of is the hyper-light packing style I’ve adopted from my dad, who once told me if I can’t tote my carry-on for a weekend through the woods it’s too heavy. Admittedly, this was after I packed a 15-pound bag of Legos for a trip to Florida as a child, but his point resonated. Anyone who’s gone on a weekend trip with only one pair of shoes and proceeded to step in the nearest shoe-ruining gunk knows my paranoia and abides by the two-pair minimum law. A final note: if you’re a user of gel pens and don’t use a Pilot G2 0.5 mm, consider yourself judged.”

I-5923 by Adidas $120
Sour Patch Kids by Kraft $1
Instant Coffee by Voilà $20
G2 Roller Pens, 0.5 mm by Pilot $20
City Guides by Wildsam $18+
Medium Soft Linen Journal by Shinola $22
Kanpai Bottle (Dark Silver, 350 mL) by Snow Peak $70
Neck Pillow (Navy) by MUJI $30

Chase Pellerin, Staff Photographer

“My packing style revolves around how safely I can travel with my camera. I pack to avoid checking my bag, but have learned to carry a tote in case of emergency equipment storing. My beanie hides my bed head and doubles as an eye mask; the boots are easiest through security. The Emergen-C is my aprés-flight cocktail to give my immune system a prayer through the next two connecting flights.”

Emergen-C $1
The Vandal Pack by Mission Workshop $325
Acrylic Watch Hat A18 by Carhartt $10
Rugged Mini 1TB USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive by LaCie $70
5-D Mark iii by Canon $2,396
All-Conditions Wallet by Bellroy $85
BL1460 by Blundstone $170
Waxed-Canvas Tote Bag by L.L. Bean $49

Tanner Bowden, Associate Staff Writer

“In traveling, I’m like a goldfish — no matter how long the trip is, I’ll bring as much stuff as fits into whatever bag I’m carrying. In addition to any trip-specific items I might need like skis or a pair of hiking boots, there are a few essentials that travel with me to almost any locale. Most have to do with documenting the experience in photo and writing, and if in-flight sleep is necessary, then I always bring my own pillow. I can’t stress the usefulness of a reliable insulated jacket, no matter how close to the equator you are — did you know Colombian buses compensate for the oppressive jungle heat by cranking the AC? Neither did I — wish I hadn’t packed my Nano Puff in the hold below.”

Black Hole Duffel 60L by Patagonia $129
Classic Notebook by Moleskine $20
Compressible Pillow Size Medium by Therm-a-Rest $27
a6000 Mirrorless Camera by Sony $548
Leash Camera Strap by Peak Design $40
Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry $14
Nano Puff Hoody by Patagonia $249

Meg Lappe, Staff Writer

“As someone who is constantly on the road, I’m always trying to make my travel easier. Whether I’m gone for a week or a weekend, I despise checking a bag, so my Away Carry-On fits all the necessities. To keep things light inside, I’ll bring small amenities like a lacrosse ball, water bottle, sunscreen and sunglasses that I need to get in a workout while on the road. One hack I’ve learned to save a bit of space: pack my toothbrush, but ask for a shaving and dental kit upon arrival, so that I don’t have to pack a razor or toothpaste or floss. And for long flights at unfortunate hours, I’ll pop on an eye mask and a Spotify sleep playlist to get the most rest I possibly can.”

Carry On by Away $225
17-ounce Bottle by S’well $35
AirPods by Apple $159
Yuba by Sunski $55
Lacrosse Ball by Champion Sports $7
Toothbrush by Quip $40
Everyday Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 by Supergoop! $19
Eye Mask by Parachute Home $49

Nick Caruso, Associate Editor

“When I travel, I like to be outfitted perfectly but efficiently. I can store roughly a million books on one little, beautiful tablet, saving space. The Outlier shirt is a great piece — it can be worn casually or under a blazer (often both on the same trip). Also, I get cold on airplanes; the Uniqlo vest is almost completely weightless but super warm, plus I can also pop it under a blazer for a snappy chilly-evening look. I’m a plugged-in earphone holdout, not only because my M&D buds are too gorgeous to part with. Speaking of, the Lotuff bag combo take the top spot in terms of beautiful things I own; it helps that they’re stupendously functional too. Beyond that, since I often travel for work, I need to be presentable, professional and powered up even when I’m jet-lagged — that’s where the cologne and charger come in. That Lander is a beast; it holds enough charge to amp up my phone a couple times and it’s well-designed to boot. And I always buy Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Combos at the airport because Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Combos are the best Combos.”

S140 Pivot Merino Button-Up by Outlier $198
Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Combos (12 Pack) by Combos $20
7800 mAh Power Bank by Lander $49
ME05 Earphones by Master & Dynamic $199
Kindle Paperwhite by Amazon $120
“Sea” Solid Cologne by Duke Canon $25
Ultra Light Compact Down Vest by Uniqlo $40
No. 10 Weekender Bag by Lotuff $850
Triumph Briefcase by Lotuff $1,200
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