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We already introduced you to “Overdrive,” the car-theft/car-chase/Scott Eastwood (yes, son of Clint) movie coming out Oct. 6. Well, the way things work in Hollywood publicity departments is, if they like you, or if they think they can use you for free publicity, then the studios give you your very own clip. If this were “Star Wars,” that might be a big deal. But even though it’s a lowly car-heist movie, it’s still a fun, lowly car-heist movie. Plus, it stars young Eastwood, who is a promising action hero in his own right.

So they sent us this clip. An exclusive clip. And we liked it, generally, but we “had some thoughts,” as they say in Hollywood. So we, not knowing any better, or any worse, basically not knowing at all, sent it back to Paramount and asked for a new ending! This was probably like Oliver asking for more gruel in the Dickens novel of the same name. But guess what, they gave us a new ending! To our own trailer!

So here it is. Kind of fun. We are hoping the movie, set in the South of France and starring some of the world’s greatest cars all crashing and banging around those skinny roads in the Alpes-Maritimes, is equally fun. We’ll let you know closer to Oct. 6. For now, click on the screener. And let us know if you think that Bugatti is a real Type 57.