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Driving a car at its limit can sometimes get you into a hairy situation; driving a car past your limits will generally put you into a field or a wall. The video narrator tries to excuse the near-destruction of this McLaren P1 GTR, saying that a pro driver was behind the wheel, and was trying to set a lap time for the folks at McLaren.

Even if that’s the case, as this video shows, even pro drivers make judgment errors, and the outlandish amount of power from cars like the P1 GTR can make those errors expensive. Thankfully, the only thing this driver ruined was probably his Nomex and not the $2.8 million British track weapon. After his off, the driver eventually gets pointed the right direction, but not before making a series of Austin Powers-esque turns … apparently forgetting that just seconds ago, he was sliding sideways through the same patch of grass.

Regardless of your skill, experience or car, make sure to drive safely — even on racetracks.