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The Lamborghini Aventador SV just laid down a sub-7-minute lap time at the famed 13-mile north loop at the Nurburgring. That puts it at number four on Wikipedia’s ‘Ring lap time list for street legal cars, just behind the Porsche 918 Spyder, Radical SR8 and Radical SR8 LM.

We already knew the car was fast. The base Aventador brings 691 hp, the Super Veloce bumps it 49 ponies to 740. Torque stays the same at 509 lb-ft, but 110 pounds of weight were dropped making this the fastest street Lamborghini ever produced. To put that into context, the next closest Lambo on the ‘Ring list (a Murcielago) is way down at 7 minutes, 40 seconds. 

The clip is a little nerve-wracking to watch: driver Marco Mapelli seems to be making a lot of adjustments at the wheel, and there appear to be a few close calls. We’re going to drive this car next week; stay tuned for a full review coming soon.