In this episode of This Week In Gear: Tucker Bowe talks with Eric Yang about the new iPad Mini, which received its first hardware update in 3.5 years; Meg Lappe reviews the Nike ACG React Terra Gobe after testing them in severe weather on Mt. Hood; Nick Caruso discusses the merits of Cadillac’s Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving tech; and Deputy Editor Josh Condon explains how he reorganized the structure of Gear Patrol Magazine as it moves to a quarterly publication schedule.

Also in this episode: Will Price explains why a Kickstarter chef’s knife is the last thing he bought, and Tanner Bowden tackles a lightning round Q&A.

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Featured Products

iPad Mini

Apple new iPad Mini ($399) has been released three and a half years after the device had received any sort of hardware update. The new iPad mini features a 7.9-inch screen and looks identical to the last iPad Mini. It only supports Apple’s first-gen stylus, not the newest Apple Pencil. And it shares similar specs to the also-new, much-sexier iPad Air.


Nike ACG React Terra Gobe

We tested the Nike ACG React Terra Gobe in Portland, Oregon, and trekked all over Mt. Hood and Hood River with them. Standout features include the same cushioned and springy foam from the Nike Odyssey React, lightweight foam and a ripstop and water-resistant upper.


Cadillac Super Cruise

Cadillac’s Super Cruise is the only semi-autonomous technology to offer truly hands-free driving. Using GPS and light radar scanning, Cadillac’s tech has mapped 130,000 miles of limited-access highways. While other technologies – like Tesla’s Autopilot – are very advanced, they require your hands be on the wheel at all times. Super Cruise will notify the driver if he needs to take over at any time, should conditions necessitate manual steering.


Gear Patrol Issue Nine

As Deputy Editor, Josh Condon is helming Gear Patrol’s editorial efforts, including a shift from biannual to quarterly publication of Gear Patrol Magazine. Issue Nine is all about Collecting: collections, the philosophy of collecting and even some arguments against collecting. We’ve shifted our publishing to Arizona, where a web printing press has changed the way we make print come alive. Condon discusses conceiving of and physically publishing the latest issue here.

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