Jay Leno drives a lot of cool, interesting and exclusive cars. Often enough, he’s behind the wheel of something green — like this car made of hemp, for instance. Most recently, though, he got into a trio of Teslas in order to suss out the company’s past, present and future. Representing those eras, Leno drove the original Tesla Roadster, the Model 3 and, finally, took a ride in the next-gen Roadster, which Elon Musk snuck into the end of his Tesla Semi reveal.

In this episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage,” he meets up with Tesla design boss Franz von Holzhausen. Together, they talk about technology, performance and the styling of these EVs before hopping into a Model 3 for a drive.

Then, about 3½ minutes into the video, they hop into the new Roadster.

They go over the specs — and we should keep in mind that when von Holzhausen mentions “10,000 [Newton] meters of torque,” he qualifies that with “at the wheels.” We don’t yet know what the torque figures for the electric motors are in the terms we usually use to describe a car’s performance. Suffice it to say it’s enough to propel the Roadster to over 250 miles per hour with enough force that “it hurts the fluid in your eyeballs.”

It’s enough to make Leno scream in the passenger seat and proclaim, “I’ll buy it! I’ll take it!”

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