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Codemasters’ “F1 2014” goes on sale Oct. 17 with all of the turbocharged V6 action you can handle. The company uploaded a highlight video to its YouTube channel today, showing off some new locations and that new sound that everyone has been talking about.

F1 2014” goes to Sochi, Russia, this year, along with Hockenheim in Germany, Spielberg in Austria, and Bahrain becomes a night race. All 19 locations, from Australia to Abu Dhabi, are represented in the latest edition.

Like all racing games, “F1 2014” features loads of customizable difficulty settings for the opposing drivers, traction control, race lines and distance. Players can simulate a full season, a single race or just lay down hot lap times at their favorite tracks.

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A driver evaluation system will identify a player’s abilities and tune the game to provide maximum enjoyment with minimal frustration. We can tell you from experience that the hardest difficulty setting will have you pulling your hair out without a good bit of practice.

Our media copy of “F1 2014” is on its way, so we’ll have a full review for you before the game hits store shelves. Until then, enjoy the sizzle reel, and go to the Codemasters website for more information.