Every modern car must go through some form of crash testing. For vehicles like the Ford F-150 or Toyota Camry, sparing a car or 20 is a drop in the bucket compared to the total output. For small automakers, though, destroying a single vehicle for testing purposes can be costly. Koenigsegg seems to have taken it to heart and made a special video to celebrate a million followers on the automaker’s Instagram page.

The short clip shows a naked Regera going through some fairly brutal testing. In addition to side, front and rear impacts, the Regera gets beaten with mallets, jumps curbs and has the doors slammed with some pretty brute force. Watch how the carbon fiber flexes during some of the impacts. Honestly, it looks like a ton of fun to beat the hell out of a multi-million-dollar Swedish hypercar.

More automakers need to make a show about crash testing. When I was in Korea, Hyundai was kind enough to ram a Kona into a cement wall at about 100 km/h for a large group of journalists. I never want to see any harm come to my own vehicles, but if you’re going to crash a car, do it with style.

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