Earlier this month, Aston Martin took possession of the former Royal Air Force base in St. Athan in South Wales. The company will convert the space to new factory that will start producing new cars, including the future DBX crossover, in 2019. That date is quite a ways away, and in the meantime, Aston has a huge empty facility sitting around. So what better to do than take a bunch of Astons there and play with them?

In the video above, two of Aston Martin’s racing drivers and the company’s chief engineer rollick around the massive hangars and open runways. And of course, only Aston’s best are on hand for the trio to drive. You’ll see vintage and modern racecars, and hypercar royalty such as the Vulcan and One-77, and Bond classics including the DB5 and DB10. The total value of the cars shown is over $80 million at current exchange rates.

Although Aston’s best is on display in this video, the company does also present arguably its worst product. The Toyota iQ-based Aston Martin Cygnet has a cameo. Clearly Aston has a sense of humor about the microcar to show it in this video. The scene involves the One-77 and Vulcan literally driving rings around it.

Towards the end, we also get the briefest of teasers for the DBX crossover. The engineer and racecar drivers peak under the covers of three cars. The first two are the Valkyrie and DBX concepts. They just start to lift the cover on the third vehicle, only revealing some headlight details, when Aston’s CEO arrives to inspect the facility. We don’t see anything more of this car for the rest of the video. But seeing as the film ends with a teaser drawing of the DBX, and since it will be produced at St. Athan, it’s safe to guess that third covered vehicle is the production, or near-production, DBX. Check it all out above.

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