Volvo unveiled the newest addition to its Cross Country stable this week with the V60. And, in true Volvo fashion, this isn’t just some in-name-only model, the Swedes gave the V60 Cross Country wagon some real upgrades to tackle some dirt.

Don’t expect to take on the Baja 1000 by any means, but the upgrades Volvo fitted to the V60 to earn it the Cross Country badge will certainly help you get a little further down the trail to find the better campsite you’re looking for. Hill Descent Control, Electronic Stability Control, Corner Traction Control and a special Off-Road driving mode are all standard features to play with. Underneath are the real upgrades: AWD moves a specially tuned chassis and suspension system, all of which sits three inches higher than the standard V60.

In the looks department, the V60 CC falls in line with the rest of Volvo’s stunning stable. It’s safe to say we’re at peak Volvo right now. Take a look at any other big manufacturer and none of them are pumping out such gorgeous-looking cars with such consistency across the board. With the introduction of the V60 CC, paired with the V90 CC, I can say, with confidence, Volvo makes the best-looking off-roader on the market.

Sure, you’ll see rougher terrain in a Mercedes 4×42 or even a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, but those trucks brag about their overkill abilities right on the surface. They’re boxy, brash and utilitarian. The Volvo V60 CC is low, long, wide and sports Volvo’s latest beautiful design — a badge of honor in and of itself. If you want to let everyone know your car can off-road, no matter where you are, go for the squared-off overlanders. If you want unrivaled style on the road and off it — the V60 Cross Country is currently the best choice.