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The second trailer for the driving video game “Grid 2” was released last week. Besides more beautiful shots of classics, muscle cars and exotics spanning four decades, we hear a bit more about the storyline from one of the main characters.

Patrick Callahan is a fictional entrepreneur who wants to create a new motorsports series called World Series Racing. Callahan says he wants to recruit drivers from different disciplines across the United States. Later in the clip, Callahan talks about traveling the world taking on the best racing teams and gaining support for his series.

Home continent races include Indianapolis, the streets of Chicago and the California coast.

Players will earn experience points that help them enter new races, grow their fan base and get new cars. In “Grid 2,” Codemasters collaborated with ESPN to create in-game “SportsCenter” live-action video sequences that reflect the rise of the series.

“Grid 2” comes out May 28 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows.