Ripping the dunes at high speeds inside a Trophy Truck is an experience most of us will never live. You can, however, feel almost the same rush behind the remote of Traxxas‘ incredibly true-scaled Unlimited Desert Racer.

Built on an authentic 4-wheel drive desert race truck chassis, this little beast (27-in long) packs a 2200kV brushless motor with VXL-6s speed control and an ultra-tough drivetrain, allowing it to zip through sand at an eye-popping 50+ mph!

A ground clearance of 2.27-in and a 4-link solid rear axle provide smooth riding over obstacles “with authentic driving dynamics.” Complete with a tough, fully-integrated tube frame chassis, cantilever sway bars, 8 GTR shocks, and other accurately reproduced details of full-size desert racing trucks.

Buy From Traxxas $800