Traveling with gear is inconvenient at best. Hikers, runners and campers have it relatively easy, but once skis, surfboards and bikes are included in an itinerary bag fees begin to ascent. Bag options become an issue too, and cyclists and mountain bikers have had to choose between XL hard cases and softer bags that don’t offer quite enough protection. Db Equipment solved a similar issue with its roll-up ski bag, and now it’s aiming to do the same for bikes with the new Savage Bike Bag.

The Savage is a softshell bag with a racecar-inspired “roll cage” built-in. It’s made of aluminum and offers protection from all angles as well as anchor points for a series of straps that are used to keep the bike stable and in-place. The bag includes additional protective casings for the drivetrain, fork and handlebars as well as separate compartments for wheels and stash pockets for small items like pedals and tools.

Db Equipment tends to search for the ideal overlap between versatility, practicality and user-friendliness in all of its products and it’s done so here by making the bag collapsible. The aluminum cage and internal storage accessories pack down to a flat rectangular shape that’s easily stored under a bed or in a closet, and the entire bag weighs just 28 pounds. For those torn between the protection of a hard case and the lightweight storability of a soft bag, the Savage provides the best-of-both-worlds answer.

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