Tiny knives are having a moment. In the past months, we’ve seen venerable brands collaborate with esteemed knifemakers to produce miniature fixed blades, finger-sized folders — even a keychain-sized utility blade and a five-inch cleaver. Benchmade, one of the biggest and most recognized knife companies in the US, is joining the movement with its just-announced 756 mPR.

The 756 mPR — that stands for “Micro Pocket Rocket” — will be produced in collaboration with Shane Sibert, who previously worked with Benchmade to create the Mini Pocket Rocket. The Mini was an overbuilt monolock folder with a 2.9-inch blade; the Micro takes it further by lopping an inch off the blade to bring it under two inches, making it the shortest blade in Benchmade’s lineup.

Like its predecessor, the 756 mPR is a monolock folder, but this time Sibert gave it a flipper tab, which adds to the knife’s versatility by allowing for easier one-handed use. The premium 20CV steel blade is a drop-point with a plain edge, and its handle is lightweight titanium that’ll go largely unnoticed in a pocket or affixed to a set of keys with a built-in lanyard hole. (It weighs 3.5 ounces.)

Small knives are catching on more and more because their practicality is undeniable. Larger blades certainly have their well-earned place, and they aren’t going anywhere — but for those who may only find a use for a knife occasionally, carrying a five-inch folder every day may not make sense — but neither does going bladeless. The small knife is the solution. After all, it’s often the case that the best knife is simply the one you have on you, and if there’s one attached to your keys that statement will never be false.

Benchmade’s 756 mPR will be available later this year for $400.

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