Subaru just won Kelley Blue Book’s 2019 Best Resale Value award for the Crosstrek, Legacy and Outback. And, for the record, this is the fourth time the Legacy and Outback have earned the honor.

Guessing how much a brand-new car will resell for in advance of it even leaving the showroom is a tough task. Kelley Blue Book says it decides the resale value of a car, truck or SUV by evaluating it based on “driving dynamics, interior room and comfort, quality of materials as well as important considerations that include pricing, 5-Year Cost to Own and resale value.” And since depreciation and maintenance are, on average, the biggest costs of ownership, KBB says it also looks into factors like “warranty coverage and the manufacturer’s reputation for durability, quality, and reliability.”

Other winners include Lexus, which nearly swept four Best Resale Value categories in the SUV/crossover categories as well as the entry-level luxury category. So if Kelley Blue Book’s results are anything to go by, and you’re looking for reliable practicality, Subaru is a safe bet. If you’re on the market for reliable luxury, Lexus is worth a look.