Anker just announced its new line of USB-C of devices that is designed to quickly and easily charge you gadgets. The line includes the PowerHouse 200 ($400), a 200Wh/5,7600 mAh portable charging generator; the PowerCore Fusion 10000($46), a 2-in-1 hybrid wall charger that can be unplugged and used as a 10,000mAh portable power bank; and the PowerPort Atom PD 4 ($100), a really neat, 100-watt wall adapter with four ports.

For me, the latter of these new devices, the PowerPort Atom PD 4, is probably the most convenient as it can fast charge multiple devices, with two USB-C and two USB-A ports, both which are decked out with high-speed charging technology, at the same time. And it only takes up one wall outlet. With this one adapter, you can charge your USB-C laptop, wireless headphones, smartphone and smartwatch.

Now, $100 seems pretty steep considering that it’s a wall adapter — and it is steep. However, considering that most of our devices in the future will support USB-C and/or fast charging, this seems like an outlet-saving investment that’s pretty future-proof. At least for the next few years.