UK dealership H.R. Owen Lamborghini revealed a full image of the upcoming Lamborghini Aventador SVJ today on its Instagram page. The only problem is the landmark car wasn’t supposed to be unveiled until later this week During Monterey Car Week. Sant’Agata could be in the midst of furiously typing up a terse email, letting the H.R Owen know it screwed up… or it might have given the London based dealer special permission to post the official image. Unclear.

What is known is the Aventador SVJ, which currently holds the Nürburgring production car lap record at 6:44:97 minutes, will be Lamborghini’s last non-hybrid V12 supercar. That’s right, Lamborghini is finally giving in and joining the semi-electric ranks with Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche. What kind of power the next car will come up with is entirely speculative at this point, but expect the numbers to be higher than the SVJ’s 760 horsepower and 531 lb-ft of torque.

Keeping in line with Lamborghini tradition this hot-rodded version of the already insane Aventador gets upgraded everything. Lamborghini Active Aerodynamics, the four-wheel steering system, all-wheel, drive and traction control are all specifically tuned to rein in the SVJ.

As for the next generation Lamborghini V12, some sources say we won’t see it until 2022, but even though it’ll come with an extra boost from electric power, the current engine is expected to make one last appearance. Keep in mind this power plant is also the first new V12 from the ground up since the Miura. The fact that Lamborghini is looking to overhaul it so soon after the next model is just as mind-blowing as the hybrid announcement. It’s hard to believe the engineers at the Factory will squeeze more than 760 horsepower out of the next engine, but then again, no one saw the hybrid switch coming so soon either.