In any modern city, getting from one end to another can be a hassle (even if public transportation is an option). The cost of taking an Uber, cab or the train can add up over the course of a year, but it’s miles better than owning a car in a city like Manhattan. The new city-orientated RCR electric bike from Onyx and other bikes like it are the only viable, sane option when you break it down.

The Onyx RCR, however, comes with serious ’60s styling to pair with the genuine performance the rear hub-mounted electric motor. You could opt for a Citi Bike, but you won’t get 72 volts feeding torque to the rear wheel and have a 60 mph top speed and a 45-75 mile range — meaning you’ll leave some $5,000 electric assist bikes in the dust. The Onyx RCR will only set you back $3,500, and the more moped-looking CTY model costs just $2,500. The CTY, although it’s even more affordable only has a maximum range of 40 miles and a top speed of about 30 mph, which might be ideal for neighborhood errands, but I wouldn’t chance it on the busier streets.

Both Onyx RCR and CTY are on track to hit the streets later this year and early next year, respectively. As of now, Onyx hit 203 percent of its original funding goal on Indigogo where you can reserve one for yourself, along with a few other perks. If you do fancy getting your name down for the RCR or CTY early, know that you’ll get a 25 percent discount which drops the RCR’s price tag to $2,600 and the CTY’s to $1,875. There’s no denying that electric-powered two-wheelers are growing in popularity and demand, it’s just a matter of when you’ll adopt one and what style you want.

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