Symbol Audio, makers of some the most beautiful analog audio equipment, just announced a few new products. They’re all pretty stunning, as the founder of Symbol Audio, Blake Tovin, has an extensive background and passion for furniture design, but the piece that’s really an eye-catcher is this Unison Record Stand. It’s made of sustainably harvested hardwoods, with brass and leather details, and has enough storage space to house a dedicated amplifier, receiver and an extensive record collection. It also has a unique turntable platform that’s isolated from the rest of the hardwood to guard against vibrations. When all decked out and flanked by two floor-standing speakers, this stand could be the centerpiece of any audiophile’s home. It’s available in several different sizes (see here) and many different finishes, and it starts at $1,995.

In addition to the Unison Record Stand, is Symbol Audio’s new Dovetail vinyl storage system. They’re file drawers instead of the crates, which the company has sold for a while, and they’re part of a modular system; you can buy one and add more, building out the storage system from there. Like before, the Dovetail vinyl storage system is available in different finishes and starts at $1,695.

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