Plastic is polluting our waterways. And the number of plastic water bottles that we use continues to up that number. One easy way to make a difference is to buy a reusable water bottle. If you don’t yet have a one, the new Ocean Bottle is reusable, made from recycled materials and 1000 plastic bottles are collected for each bottle purchased.

The Ocean Bottle has all the same great features we love in some of our favorite bottles. It’s anti-leak, BPA-free, dishwasher safe and made from stainless steel and recycled biomaterial from food waste, plus a few we’re excited to test out: the carry loop and double opening for easy cleaning. It keeps your water at whatever temperature you’d like — from piping hot to ice cold. A soft base made from upcycled ocean plastic contains a smart chip. Ocean Bottle hopes to partner with baristas, juice shops and water fountain companies so you can get a discount on coffee, water and juices, every time you re-fill.

Beyond designing a beautiful product, Ocean Bottle teamed up with The Plastic Bank, a company that offers above-market rates for plastic waste to encourage individuals in Haiti, Philippines and Indonesia to gather plastic and exchange it for money and other resources. Plastic Bank’s mission is to improve people’s lives while simultaneously ending the influx of plastic that ends up in the oceans. For each bottle purchased, Ocean Bottle will fund the collection of 1,000 ocean-bound plastic bottles.

You can back the Indiegogo campaign now through March 3. As of publish, Ocean Bottle has raised $149,250, which is well over its original goal of $10,000. For $41 you get one ocean bottle in any color, starting in July of this year.

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