The end of riding season is, depressingly, just around the corner. However, that means we’re in that perfect window of weather where it’s not sweat-your-ass-off hot or regret-every-decision-you’ve-made-up-to-this-moment cold. The air is crisp, and the leaves up in the mountains are on their way to the other side of the color pallete. It’s the exact type of scenery an old bike like this ’73 BMW R75/5 thrives in.

Painted in a beautiful metallic orange that BMWs of that vintage wear so well (not to mention is wildly seasonal), highlighted with chrome accents and fitted with factory hard-cases, this Beemer was built for weekend rides in the country. The R75 was the top-of-the-line model with 749ccs worth of air-cooled boxer engine, 50 horsepower and 43 lb-ft of torque to play with, and it topped out at 110 mph.

The R75/5 is one of those classic motorcycles which plays to the buyer’s advantage. It has all the drool-inducing looks and style of the era, but it comes in at an attractively affordable price point. Once the Munich branch switched to solely making cars, the “/5” model was the first BMW bike to be entirely built to Berlin. A total of 68,956 /5 models left the factory floor between ’70-’73. The /5 bikes were well-built and nearly bulletproof, so not only do you get dependability but the large production numbers kill any sort of ‘rarity tax’ classic bikes can pick up, making them more affordable.

For $3,750, how could you not want to pack up the panniers, leave the city and get lost winding through twisty mountains roads upstate? With this bike’s autumnal camouflage paint job, you’ll blend right in.