Some types of items are predisposed to become heirlooms. Pocket knives are one, and The James Brand started with this notion in designing its latest, the Pike. The knife is a follow-up to the brand’s second-ever blade, the County, and includes many similar design elements — a non-locking, slip joint construction, for one — but makes a few fundamental changes.

The Pike, with Huckberry’s exclusive brass handle.


The most notable is the blade, which is The James Brand’s first Wharncliffe (Pike is a reference to a type of arrowhead found in the Illinois county of the same name, not a medieval weapon). A Wharncliffe blade features a spine that curves from a knife’s handle to the tip of a straight edge. They’ve often been used for woodworking, which lends itself to the image of Grandpa whittling away with a Pike before passing it down to Junior.

The Pike’s blade is 2.3 inches long and made of Sandvik 12c27 stainless steel. It’s lightweight at 2.1 ounces and comes with various handles, including rosewood, olive micarta, and black G10. All come with a knotted lanyard, but only Huckberry has the brass-framed model pictured here. Each variant has a somewhat old-timey feel, though The James Brand’s contemporary themes are unmistakably present.

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