There’s been a recent surge in vintage helmets coming from almost every manufacturer. And who can blame them with the number of classically style bikes flooding the market? Well, AGV just joined the fold this week when it launched its own new line of vintage helmets, AGV Legends Collection.

The AGV Legends Collection as a whole is made up of two base helmets, the X3000 full face model and the X70 three-quarter shell. Both bring modern safety standards to the table, like many of the other reborn ’60s- and ’70s-styled helmets, but there’s something about the AGV helmets that go above and beyond with Italian style and flair. And, depending on which specific model you pick, you can dial that back or up to 11.

There’s always the classic black or white, matte or gloss options, but at the other end of the awesome-spectrum are the X3000 Ago and X70 Pasolini special editions. Both are inspired by the helmets of Giacomo Agostini and Renzo Pasolini, the two Italian motorcycle racers who helped put AGV on the map back in the ’70s. Agostini may have won the championships, but Pasolini’s wild riding style pushed the sport forward — both can take credit for making these designs so recognizable.

It just goes to show how much designers from 40 and 50 years ago knew what they were doing. They’re designs, colorways, and aesthetics are just as beautiful and impact today as they were then. Whether you’re into the latest and greatest or are completely onboard with the vintage style wave, there’s no denying the AGV Legends Collections is absolutely stunning and timeless.

X70 Trofeo Helmet by AGV $230

X70 Pasolini Helmet by AGV $330

X3000 Helmet by AGV $380

X3000 Super AGV Helmet by AGV $450

X3000 Helmet Ago by AGV $700
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