A Note on Pricing: The going prices for these cars are accurate at the time of publishing but may change the longer the classified ads are live.

Between cars from East Coast Defender, Icon 4×4 and Arkonik alone, there’s certainly no shortage of custom Land Rover Defenders out there. The downside to those unique and insanely detailed builds is their price tags regularly crest the $250,000 mark. This 1993 Land Rover Defender 130 200Tdi, on the other hand, might be your chance to own a decked-out Defender without completely annihilating your bank account.

The most subtle parts of this Defender build are the 2.5-liter turbodiesel inline-four and the Alpine white paint. From there, everything seems to be over the top but never crosses the line in to ostentatious. In addition to the natural brawniness of the Defender 130, this build comes with fender flares, a new front bumper replete with a 10,000-lb winch, a roof rack, a snorkel and auxiliary lights — all of which sits on powder-coated 18-inch Land Rover Sawtooth wheels wrapped with 37-inch Federal Xplora M/T tires. While Defenders are known to have barren, straightforward interiors, this example provides a little more luxury than usual with custom Armagnac and charcoal stressed leatherette upholstery.

As of this writing, this Defender is going for $39,000, but with the amount of work and upgrades that’s gone into this build, it probably won’t stay that low for long. However, seeing as how it’s a private build and not from one of the more famous outfits like Icon 4×4, and that it has 71,000 miles on the clock, it’s safe to assume the price tag won’t hit the same quarter-million-dollar heights. So, barring any unexpected aggressive bidding wars, you could be looking at a hell of a deal for a custom restomodded Defender.