Let’s be frank, wearing a bike helmet while commuting isn’t a highlight of the ride. In fact, it’s the dorkiest part about it. While I love my bike and how much freedom it provides me, I don’t love walking into a bar or restaurant to meet friends with my helmet dangling off my backpack. I understand it keeps me safe (along with my lights, which I don’t love carrying around either), but helmets are bulky. Plus, now I have to add gloves to my kit to stay warm in the sometimes-frigid wind. I’m trying to streamline my EDC, not bulk it up.

An easy solution to this is a collapsible helmet. Priority Bicycles’ The Stack folds down to the size of a Chinese takeout container or a test prep book, just without the weight. It’s just 330 grams — less than one pound. When I’m not riding from A to B I can hide my helmet away in a backpack, bike bag or briefcase. It comes in a grey, seafoam, white or black color and is offered in two sizes: medium or large. If you shop today, use code STACK25 to save 25 percent off one helmet.