Once you’ve stepped foot — or hand? — in the realm of mechanical keyboards, it’s unlikely you’ll to settle for anything less. I’ve had many mechanicals over the years — initially for gaming, then simply to scratch the tactile response itch — and none have come within a mile of the craftsmanship of Rama’s new piece. The M60-A is filed down from a singular piece of brass and aluminum, hand-polished to a mirror-like finish, bead-blasted to remove any potential rough spots then finally PVD-coated and painted. Altogether, the piece weighs a solid three-and-a-half pounds, with an optional internal weight augment that takes it north of five pounds.

The keyboard is without switches or keycaps as well, so you’re able to go with the switches you prefer (Cherry Browns, please) and have a bit of fun with the keycaps. Thanks to the board’s construction, there’s no soldering required when installing the switches. Is it almost $400? Yes. Have I spent more on things I don’t get satisfaction out of every day? Sure have.

The Rama M60-A comes in black, dark grey, silver, dark green, navy and mauvy pink. It’s available for pre-order now and expects to ship mid-2018.

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